European cigarettes — the reasons of growing popularity

Cigarettes produced in Europe can be expensive to a degree, but not so much as those smoking products made in USA. It is due to the fact that European cigarettes are of the highest quality. Promotion also goes a long way, after which cigarette brands are well recognized all over the world.

Price differences

We have realized a little research of the majority online websites and below will demonstrate how prices for European produced cigarettes differ from their counterpart cigarettes manufactured in other parts of the world. Prices of cigarettes sold in our store are not expensive at all, these prices are without taxes.

Marlboro (European Cigarettes) $20 $23 per carton
Marlboro (American version) $36 $54 per carton

The online industry for European cigarettes has encouraged the recognition and demand for European cigarettes all over the world. Tobacco products from this region are becoming more and more popular. A great number of smoke lovers use online cigarette stores as the main supply of their favorite smokes.
There is a huge price difference when ordering cigarettes manufactured in Europe due to avoidance of taxes, thus making the popularity of these cigs grow as there are more and more smokers giving preference to tobacco products from abroad. Some of the smokers do not know that besides brands produced in the USA and well known to them, there are a lot of other qualitative brands produced in the European Union only.

Cigarettes of European Origin

Cigarettes from European manufacturers possess a different taste and flavor than the American blend. This is due to a variety of cultures in Europe, which leads to a great variety of tobacco sorts. For instance Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Moldavian and German are just a few of the great number tobacco sorts produced in Europe.
Such well known and appreciated cigarettes as Davidoff, Camel, Bond, Marlboro, Winston, Karelia, Gauloises are famous European brands.
Generally speaking, European Cigarettes possess premium quality, guaranteeing a saturated tobacco taste and a fresh flavor, thus corresponding to the nowadays cigarette market demands.
People are looking for online sources to buy European cigarettes from all parts of the world, proving one more time that cigarettes of this origin gave a great popularity and constantly growing demand among smokers.

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