European e-cig market worth double original valuation

European e cigarette market worth more than previous calculation

The overall European e cigarette market could have reached 1.3bn last year almost double what was previously thought.

The new figure comes from a more in depth study and analysis from ECigIntelligence which used a based its calculations on a different research.

The analysis from ECigIntelligence claims that the previous research over valued some national markets and underestimated others.

Early figures had suggested that the European e cigarette market was worth somewhere in the $1.2bn ( 0.7bn, 0.9bn) ballpark.

ECigIntelligence managing director Tim Phillips said «We took a conservative approach when performing our market analysis, but we still found the European market to be significantly larger than expected. This highlights the startling potential of the e cigarette sector.

«Our report marks the culmination of months of research and sets the standard of quality reporting that can be expected from ECigIntelligence.»

Barnaby Page, ECigIntelligence editorial director, added «These figures show that e cigarettes are here to stay the question now is who will dominate one of the fastest growing FMCG markets in Europe.»

EcigIntelligence expects the e cigarette market to be transformed by the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive a new set of regulations that govern the tobacco industry set to be in full force by 2016 «but not destroy it».

Advertising of e cigarettes is going to be a bit of a sticky topic under the new regulations with flavours and refillable products items that will be affected by the regulations.

As it stands, the UK and Germany have the most e cigarette users, with Poland also possessing a substantial market.

Tobacco sales in the UK in 2012 amounted to an estimated 15.1bn but some quarters are hoping that the e cigarette will move to replace standard cigarettes, although manufacturers of ‘vapours’ are being discouraged to market it as a replacement as they would need a licence to do so.

Others are however worried about the long term health implications of e cigarettes as tests into its health impacts over a substantial period are yet to be completed. : variety of european cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is very popular among various people, regardless of age, country or the health risk that might smoke cause. Teenagers, women and men are all as well smoking the most popular types of cigarettes the advertised brands. More Menthol cigarettes is as popular as other cheapest cigarettes coming from the European countries. Although smokers can find large variety of smokes in the marketplaces nowadays, they’re all basically of the same composition with a few changes in dimensions, flavors and design of packs.

All cigarettes have the same components which consist of filtration system supplies, cigarette papers, and flavorings along with papers periodontal. Cigarettes are cheaper inside Europe because they are generally obtainable in reduced charges because the price within manufacturing of tobacco and can be significantly less than the expenses accrued within production and trading of same cigarettes in USA.

Additionally to this particular, the smokes manufactured in European countries are basically produced and transported through the duty totally free zones to other countries. It is because these types of tobacco are available almost tax free, even whilst introducing shipping costs. However due to actual import obligation from the various countries that individuals have a tendency to smuggle in inexpensive tobacco through the European Union to save on the tobacco cost.

Some modifications tend to be related to preservative chemicals which are added to the cigarettes, and the shelf duration. European kent cigarettes can be easily bought online and are usually routed simply by authorized post mail to their final destination, also it takes several weeks for the tobacco to arrive at it’s actually vacation spot. This leads to a change within the style as well as feel with the smokes. There are too few smokers who can make out the distinction between European cigarettes and those manufactures in US.

Published Wednesday, June 08, 2011