Exclusive branded cigarettes for sale

Cigarettes are among the oldest luxury goods known to men and women. Resourceful people prepared the leaves of the tobacco plant many centuries ago. The smokable, fermented tobacco leaves enriched with aromatic additives experienced an unprecedented boom in the 20th century and are still consumed today by many connoisseurs around the world. In our tobacco shop you can find cigarettes for sale as well as cigarette packs from all well-known (and less well-known) brands.

Finding cigarettes for sale online can be so easy, we have divided the range into the following subcategories.

We want to answer your question about where you can find cigarettes for sale online with our wide range.

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Here you will find cigarettes for sale that convince with a special packaging design, an exclusive tobacco blend or a unique coloring of the paper that makes the cigarette something special.

Cigarettes without additives
Cigarettes are labeled «without additives» if their tobacco has only been treated with water after harvest and no artificial flavors or humectants have been added. This gives a cigarette with an unchanged tobacco taste.

Conventional cigarettes contain additives both in the tobacco and in the filter tubes. The tobacco is mixed with humectants so that the risk of the cigarettes drying out is minimized. The filter paper has usually been treated with bleach so that it gets its pure white color.

In our online store, you will find a large selection of cigarettes without additives. Brands such as 555 and Winston are particularly popular.

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