Footprints, cigarettes lead to pinckney theft suspect’s arrest


A trail of foot prints and unopened packs of cigarettes led police to identify a Pinckney man who confessed to stealing the cigarettes from a Putnam Township business.

Sheriff Bob Bezotte said his deputies responded to an 11 p.m. Monday alarm at the Hell Country Store at 4025 Patterson Lake Road to find a window broken.

A deputy noticed two unopened packs of Marlboro Light cigarettes lying on the porch under the broken window and fresh footprints in the snow.

The deputies followed the footprints west on Patterson Lake Road and located more packs of cigarettes as they continued to a private drive, north of Patterson Lake Road, where yet another pack of cigarettes were found, Bezotte said.

The suspect, identified as a 27 year old Pinckney man, answered the deputies knock and once they had been invited inside, the deputies noticed six unopened packs of cigarettes sitting on a bench in the man s laundry room.

Bezotte said the Pinckney man admitted that he used a flash light to break the store window and then reached inside to steal the cigarettes.

The Pinckney told the deputies that he was trying to save money once his other tobacco was gone, police said.

Deputies arrested the man, who reportedly commented that he was embarrassed and that he had not been in trouble with the law before.

The man s name was not released pending possible formal charges and arraignment.

Marlboro – the indisputably best selling cigarette brand

Despite the fact that smoking is regarded as a bad habit, it is known to be as the status symbol in some countries. There are a lot of cigarette brands that exit, but some of them are very popular thanks to their premium quality and other numerous factors.

Philip Morris International is undoubtedly the biggest maker of cigarettes. Nevertheless, what is the name of that brand that has caught the tobacco market all over the world? So, welcome the most widespread cigarette brand in the world Marlboro.

Marlboro is the best selling cigarette brand across the world. It was launched in 1924 and since that time these cigarettes have developed into the greatest selling cigarette product worldwide because of its high quality.

Marlboro cigarettes are produced by Philip Morris International. These smokes are offered in three classic variants Marlboro Red, Marlboro Silver and Marlboro Gold. According to the latest data, Marlboro is the best selling cigarette in Asia, America, Europe and Africa.

Marlboro has been the world’s leading cigarette brand since 1972. The volume of Marlboros outside the U.S. was 300.0 billion cigarettes in the year 2011. It is bigger than its 3 main rivals joined together, and its volume surpasses that of the major 4 worldwide main brands of British American Tobacco and 4 worldwide focus brands of Japan Tobacco International.

Marlboro brand is the leading cigarette brand in every state in the U.S. and the leading brand for men and women across all adult age categories. In 2009 Marlboro’s share was more substantial than the next twelve U.S. cigarette brands together. It was as well bigger than the two biggest rivals, R.J. Reynolds and Lorillard, joined together. In 2009, Marlboro’s share was 41.8 percent.

In 2007, an approximated 70.9 million American people aged 12 were smokers. It is 28.6 % of the population in this age group. Additionally, 60.1 million people, it is 24.2% of the population, were smoking cigarettes 13.2 million people (5.4%) were users of cigars 8.2 million (3.2%) preferred smokeless tobacco and 2.1 million people (0.8%) smoked tobacco in pipes.

About 85% of cigarette users aged between 12 25 years smoked this most used cigarette brand in the United States, while smokers at the age of 26 recorded more variety in cigarette brand selection. White and Hispanic smoking people were most probably to smoke Marlboro cigarettes, whilst black people were likely to be smokers of Newport cigarettes.