Get to be able to correctly smoke after you have ordered discount cigarettes online

While ordering discount cigarettes online, get to be able to correctly smoke them. Treat cigarettes to enjoy them, do not misuse them to cause fires and accidents.

Try to allow smoke to enter your lungs freely. Do not swallow the smoke, as this can cause you to cough and spoil your enjoyment of smoking. You need to exhale the smoke smoothly, while taking the cigarette out of your mouth. If there are non-smokers nearby, then you need to exhale tobacco smoke to the side so that it does not irritate the eyes of your neighbors. Although it is best to completely abstain from smoking in the presence of non-smokers, especially children.

As it smolders, the cigarette will turn into ash, which must be shaken off from time to time by lightly tapping your finger into a special cup – an ashtray. In certain cases, the ash can be shaken off to the ground, but only when it does not bother you or those around you. When the cigarette has not burned out a little to the filter, it needs to be extinguished – just “screw” it into the ashtray so that the butt stops smoldering.

Put out the cigarette. Once you have lit a cigarette, extinguish it in the ashtray. Going out into the street, after smoking, put out a good cigarette and throw it into the trash can. A fire can easily start from a non-extinguished and improperly thrown cigarette butt. There are several ways to extinguish cigarettes:
You can extinguish a cigarette by pressing it against a flat surface until it stops burning.

You can knock your cigarette on the ashtray several times until it goes out. You can also drop the butt to the ground and trample the flames with your boot. Remember this will leave a black mark on the pavement. Pick up the butt and throw it in the trash.

If you do not have an ashtray and do not want to leave large marks on the asphalt, extinguishing it with your boot, then you can throw off the light. That is, it is necessary to click on the cigarette so that its burning part falls off. Extinguishing a light that has fallen off will leave a smaller spot. Don’t forget to throw your cigarette butt into the trash.
Please follow these recommendations after you order discount cigarettes online from our webshop.