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  • LED screen shows how many puffs were taken and how much battery life is left
  • Easy to use touch charging system & Mag Charger
  • iGO Clearomizer is a vapor production factory which can be easily cleaned and parts changed including the atomizer head!
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  • The iGO 3 is the best electronic cigarette if you are looking for a compact solution
  • 2 powerful 650 mAh batteries included
  • Easy to use touch charging system & Mag Charger
  • iGO Clearomizer is a vapor production factory which can be easily cleaned and parts changed including the atomizer head!
  • Kit includes ELIquid equal to 7 packs of cigarettes
  • Have the freedom to vape anywhere!
  • Free Shipping One Year Warranty

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  • No Ash No Smell No Tobacco Smoke
  • Vapor Production replicates a traditional cigarette smoke
  • Different nicotine levels suited for all smokers
  • All ELiquid made and/or tested in the USA for quality & Purity
  • 10ml Bottle equals 7 packs of traditional cigarettes
  • Top Brands offered Uncle Junks, Vapor King, Fuzion, Firebrand

Learn More Get Rewarded For Shopping With Us! earn loyalty points on every purchase good towards free product More Info Why GO! is your Best Choice for Electronic Cigarette 1. Better Battery Technology

  • Bigger and more powerful batteries
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2. Easy to Use Chargers

  • Touch Charging station, simply drop in the charger and GO!
  • New USB Mag chearger for use in your car or on the GO!
  • Just place the battery in the charger,no screwing action required
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3. State of the Art Clearomizer Technology

  • Can be cleaned and parts easily replaced
  • 7 colors to choose from
  • Form fitting mouthpiece
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  • Bottom coil design for better eliquid absorption

4. Variety of Flavored E Liquid

  • Bigger and more powerful batteries
  • Easy to use design
  • More vapor and extended battery life
  • USA made and/or tested
  • Huge vapor volume
  • each bottle equivalent to 5 7 packs of traditional cigarettes
  • Different strength levels to choose from
  • Over 60 flavors to choose from
  • Ingredients include distilled water, nicotine (when applicable)
  • vegetable glycerin or a combination of propylene glycol and
  • vegetable glycerin, natural flavors, artificial flavors and citric acid.

5. Benefits Over Traditional Cigarettes

  • NO ash, NO smell, NO tobacco smoke, Just Vapor!
  • Ecigarettes are usually called a vapor cigarette. Why? the produce vapor not tobacco smoke
  • Smoke in places regular tobacco cigarettes are banned
  • Well over 50% cheaper than buying tobacco cigarettes
  • They tend to be more socially acceptable than cigarettes

3. State of the Art Clearomizer Technology

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See what the vaping community are saying about GO! electronic cigarette Super cig is an understatementt! I dont even have a craving or want to smoke cigarettes anymore! Review by Phil Waters Rank 5 Starts The igo 4 is superiour to every other ecig i have used, no contest! BEST ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE EVER!!! Review by Victor B Rank 5 Starts The igo4 is a little bigger then i like but i have to say it produces a lot of vapor and the battery lasts me for days. I might try the igo3 for the smaller size. igo4 still rocks! Great Product! Review by Sam Holstan Rank 5 Starts OMG Loving this! been smoke free for 3 weeks! Review by Ashley Barret Rank 5 Starts Really good design & easy to use. I smoke menthols so i was a little skeptical on the eliquid taste but I have to say it does the trick. thumbs up! Review by Mike O. Rank 5 Starts Thank you go! igo3 is the best electronic cigarette I have tried! Review by Brittney Haines Rank 5 Starts Read more reviews now In the News Tobacco Bans May Lead to Ecig Boom

With tobacco cigarettes being banned from most public places can ecigs take over? Or will the government deem ecigs just as bad for people as traditional tobacco? Hopefully more research is done and we can surmise that ecigs are a better alternative.

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Here come the taxes! Hopefully they wont destroy our beloved ecigs before they get a chance to shine. With states like Montana imposing 95% tax rates and ridiculous sanctions we can only hope other states will recognize this and implement more reasonable taxes with no sanctions.

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There is a strong correlation between ecigs and bitcoin, both have been demonized in the press. The research being done on these topics is minimal at best with media outlets regurgitating bad press. the truth is neither are evil.

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Are e-cigarettes the answer? — family news & advice

Dublin taxi driver Bernard Fitzsimons, who is 56, gave up smoking a year ago, after taking up e cigarettes. He smoked about 10 packets a week, but went down to three cigarettes a day and then gave them up altogether.

This is the first time I ve given them up and I ve been smoking 40 years, he says, even though he tried probably 20 times before. His wife, Trish, also smoked for 40 years but had never tried to give up cigarettes before.

She tried the e cigarettes about eight months ago and has never looked back since, says Fitzsimons. Now they tell everyone about them.

However, the medical community is divided about e cigarettes. Some look on them as positive, and some want to wait and see what evidence emerges, while still others are convinced they will harm the fight against tobacco.

Last month, the first large study, looking at how effective e cigarettes are in the bid to quit smoking, came out. The study, published in the journal Addiction, found that people trying to quit without medical help are 60 per cent more likely to report success if they use e cigs. This was compared with relying on willpower alone or shop bought nicotine replacement therapies such as patches or gum.

There has been a huge rise in e cigarettes, says study author Prof Robert West of University College London, with one million smokers in England alone trying them in an effort to stop smoking.

The study surveyed 5,863 smokers in England between 2009 and 2014. Some 20 per cent of people trying to quit smoking while using e cigarettes reported having stopped smoking tobacco. This compared with 15.4 per cent for those relying on willpower and 10.1 per cent for those on nicotine replacements. Jury is

out The jury is out about any harm e cigarettes may cause, but they are far less harmful than combusted tobacco, which is loaded with toxins and carcinogens. Nicotine in e

cigarettes does not cause cancer, West says.

However, it depends on who is buying them, say health professionals. If e cigarettes are being used by those who never smoked before, they could be a gateway to tobacco use, or they could be used along with cigarettes so called dual use.

Prof Luke Clancy, of the Tobacco Free Research Institute Ireland, says e cigarette supporters believe in harm reduction, but he is against this as a policy for tobacco control at current smoking levels.

The e cigarettes may enable a small number to stop, but the cost of that may be to damage the anti smoking campaign, he says. Asking if they are less harmful than ordinary cigarettes is the wrong question. From a tobacco control point of view, you must ask if, in the long term, e cigarettes will reduce smoking in Ireland. My belief is that it will not, and I suspect it will make things worse.

The tobacco industry owns some e cigarette manufacturers, and health experts still bristle when they recall how low tar and mild cigarettes were wrongly described as posing less harm in the past. West says e cigarette users are typically more nicotine addicted and have tried to give up many times.

He says that smokers are voting with their feet and using these products anyway. It is our job to find out whether they are likely to help.

Referring to England, he says quitting attempts are going up, quitting success is going up, and smoking rates are going down. Just 0.2 per cent of people who have never smoked are using e cigarettes, so he says that, for now, worry about renormalisation of smoking is not borne out by the evidence, though we should be on our guard. Ireland does not collect data in the same way as England does.