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Why is this item marked as FSA Eligible?
This item is marked with the following icon as FSA eligible to identify that it MAY be purchased using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

FSA Eligible Item

What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?
A FSA (Flexible Spending Account) allows use of the funds an individual has designated to be set aside pre tax for medical expenses, typically with their employer, when selecting healthcare programs during the previous year.

What types of purchases are FSA eligible?
Over the counter medical supplies and equipment are considered reimbursable by an FSA account in 2011 and include the following categories

  • Contact lens solution
  • Diagnostic devices (i.e. blood pressure and blood glucose monitors)
  • Durable medical equipment and goods
  • Insulin
  • Prescription medications

Note Although the IRS sets guidelines for FSA programs, individual employers have the final determination of which expenses are covered by their FSA programs.

How you can buy cigarettes online

A word of warning about these companies. I ordered some cigarettes from online. In their FAQ it says Q. What should I do if I have to pay duty tax to receive the goods? A. This is your own decision. Since we cannot guarantee that duty tax will not be charged world wide, you can
pay duty tax and collect the parcel
reject the parcel which will be returned to us and ask for your money back.
See General Info 100% Money Back Guarantee Well I had to pay duty tax and when I told them about this their first reply was this «We do regret for what had can advise you to pay the tax and collect your goods as we’ll try to cover this tax back with your future orders with our company.» When I told them I would like my money back when they got their parcel back, the reply was this «We are really sorry for what had happened to you, but we are not responsible for the seized parcels by your Customs. Now we can’t give you a refund as we have regularly shipped your goods and did not receive any of your parcels back. We know that sometimes Customs destroy parcels without sending them back to the sender.» These quys operate under several websites names. I would not recommend these companies. My impression is that it’s a scam.
The websites mentioned above look like websites that send their packages through customs. You can use a US based online company (if you happen to live in the US) and avoid these issues.