International Rothmans cigarettes

International Rothmans cigarettes represent the premium segment of the European tobacco market. The Rothmans brand now belongs to British American Tobacco, but the tradition of producing products of the highest quality under this brand remains. You can tell at first glance that Rothmans cigarettes are a premium tobacco. They are packaged in a luxuriously decorated square pack in blue and gold, depicting the brand’s emblem. The tobacco itself is produced in the shape of the 100s.

When it comes to the tobacco industry, the International Rothmans cigarettes deserve the highest praise. That means, these cigarettes belong to the category of full flavors, but thanks to premium cigarettes they are smoked very easily and nicotine does not cause absolutely unpleasant consequences. In general, we deal with the highest quality products at very reasonable prices.

Order a genuine European premium product for yourself. Today we bring tobacco products directly from Europe, so this is entirely possible. As we do not work with intermediaries, we can guarantee the authenticity of the product and offer the best price.

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What are Rothmans cigarettes?

Let’s add that International Rothmans cigarettes are packed in 20 non-standard wide solid packs each. It is produced in a bat factory in Switzerland. Each cigarette contains 2 capsules and the flavor of the capsules is pineapple and berry.These indicators meet the international quality standards for tobacco products. The cigarette price has become average on the market and affordable for most consumers. Whether you smoke regularly or only occasionally, Rothmans cigarettes are an excellent choice for those who appreciate quality, accessibility and rich flavor. This cigarette smoke has an incredibly rich flavor palette, it is saturated and strong enough – 1 cigarette contains 10 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine.