IQOS Heets are close proximity to conventional cigarettes

IQOS Heets are on the rise, the number of smoking adolescents and adults is steadily declining. With IQOS Heets, the manufacturer Philip Morris offers a hybrid product between cigarette and e-cigarette: Heat-not-burn is the motto. How does it work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this artificial cigarette?

Although the policy has been for the protection of non-smokers for years, a market for e-cigarettes has long developed. These are generally considered healthier and less risky. IQOS Heets are the latest product from the world-famous Marlboro brand and promises even more: Close proximity to conventional cigarettes – without the harmful ingredients. How does it work?

The decisive difference to other e-cigarettes and to conventional tobacco products can be seen when vaping. The Philip Morris hybrid cigarette does not burn tobacco, but vaporizes it. Since no tobacco is burned at IQOS Heets, but is only evaporated, the entire product contains fewer pollutants. In the IQOS Heets guide, you will find helpful tips on everything to do with cigarettes.

IQOS is the abbreviation for the English expression I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking, which translates to: I quit normal smoking. The device, which is manufactured in Italy, consists of a holder the approximate size of a mobile phone, a micro USB charger and the so-called HeatStick. The latter is a cartridge, not a liquid like e-cigarettes, and responsible for the gas that is produced when it evaporates.

Basically, the user pushes the cartridge into the iQOS, presses a button to switch it on and takes a train last. What sounds so easy also proves itself in practice. This uncomplicated use makes iQOS an interesting product per se. At the same time, the manufacturer offers several flavors: menthol and mint, for example.

The proximity to the right cigarette is particularly noticeable in the iQOS test: the device is handily built and the HeatSticks and the corresponding holder are very similar to classic cigarettes. This also clarifies who belongs to the manufacturer’s target group: traditional smokers. The similarity to the conventional cigarettes is quite astounding: iQOS also produces vapor, nicotine and taste. The only thing missing from this artificial cigarette is the tobacco and its smell.