Is it illegal to buy cigarettes in one state and smoke in another

steam clean with vinegar then when dry sprinkle baking soda. Leave 4 a couple of hours and then vacuum. Change the air filter in your car once u have done that. A nswer NEVER use your ashtrays in the car. You can go to a Hardware Store or places like Canadian Tire and get boxes that fit right into your ashtrays and then taken out if you should want to sell the car. Windows are bad for holding smoke because of moisture from being hot outside to cooling off in the evenings. Make sure the windows are clean. Vacuuming your car out once a week is a good idea. Febreze spray (at any grocery store) will get rid of the smell from tobacco smoke. As the above poster said steam cleaning your car inside is another good idea and should be done at least every couple of months. Febreze is excellent if you are smoking (don’t smoke when you are picking up a passenger) and by giving your car a good misting (leave it for 10 minutes all closed up) then open the doors to let fresh air in a none smoker will not smell anything. I know, I use to smoke in my car and would do this and many of the people that were acquaintances of mine never knew I smoked. I also used Febreze in the house on sofas, carpeting, in the air, dog beds, etc. (MORE)

How old do you have to be to buy cigarettes in the us

Without any credit? Probably not at a reputable dealership without a co signer. Probably yes at a shady used car lot, but they will charge you outrageous interest and wi ll vastly overprice the car you are buying and underprice your trade in. If you are buying your used car with cash, yes. If you’re going to need an auto loan it will be very difficult or impossible with no credit. You can certainly sign up for a credit card with no credit and use it to build your credit. That process may take some time. If a co signer is available for you to use you’ll have a better chance than with no credit. Without either it will be nearly impossible. (MORE)