Jti cigarette brands: winston, camel, mild seven, silk cut & ld

We manufacture our products in 25 factories around the world with quality tobacco leaf sourced from countries as far apart as Brazil and Zambia

There are three main varieties of tobacco virginia, burley and oriental. Each of them is grown and cured by thousands of farmers worldwide and sold in many different grades.

Tobacco blending is a skillful process starting with buying and combining exactly the right mix of grades to achieve the particular taste and quality our cigarette brands are known for. This requires continuous sampling from many different suppliers
and countries.


Blending and conditioning tobacco for cigarettes is a distinct process from that of cigars but like cigar production incorporates a number of different stages. Tobacco itself is treated, cigarette filters are added and different types of paper are wrapped around the tobacco to control the burning process.

Flavors are also added this could be a stronger flavoring or top notes , and may include ingredients such as carob bean or menthol. The use and quantity of flavorings may also vary according to regional preferences. Our aim is to produce not only the highest quality cigarettes but also the consistency our customers rely on.


Our cigarette portfolio contains eight Global Flagship Brands, and a large number of local brands that we sell regionally. Worldwide, this means that we offer our consumers over 100 tobacco product brands.

JTI Global Flagship Brands

Mild Seven / Mevius
Benson & Hedges
Silk Cut

JTI other cigarette brands

Export ‘A’
Mi Ne
Monte Carlo
Peter I
Russian Style
St George

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  • House of Prince AB (Sweden)
  • Scandinavian Tobacco S.A. (Poland)
  • Scandinavian Tobacco Eesti AS (Estonia)
  • UAB House of Prince Lithuania (Lithuania)
  • Scandinavian Tobacco S.R.O. (Czech)
  • Scandinavian Tobacco Company Hellas S.A. (Greece)
  • Scandinavien Tobacco Hungary kft. (Hungary)

Cigarette brands by House of Prince edit

  • Ava
  • Bravo
  • Caines
  • Cecil
  • Cristal
  • Christian of Denmark
  • Corner Now known as Pall Mall
  • Danton
  • Dark
  • Delight
  • Grom
  • Grot
  • King’s
  • LA Los Angeles
  • Look
  • Meskie
  • Mistral
  • Nevada
  • Newmore
  • North State
  • Prince
  • Queen’s
  • Reven
  • Rockets
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Savoy
  • Scotsman
  • Slim Agenda
  • Slim Camelia
  • Viking
  • Walet
  • Wall Street

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