Kent cigarettes — a brand for everyone

kent_hd_infinaKent cigarettes are tobacco brand that was named after the prominent former chief of Lorillard Tobacco Company Herbert Kent. When these cigarettes occupied their decent place in the industry they lead smokers to another direction in the tobacco sphere. This established trademark is in great demand globally as the innovative tobacco product that was never so appealing. Kent cigarettes provide a perfect sensation of delight and condition of being free from tension and anxiety to all devoted smokers. Their special taste motivates everyone who tries it to smoke it again and again. This tobacco product is selected by smokers all over the world irrespective of genders, different ways of life, preferences and needs.

Kent cigarettes are popular for their unique flavor and taste like nothing else on earth. A lot has been described and affirmed about the refined properties of this special brand. If you indeed want to realize what these people believe and report, then you have to see and taste Kent cigarettes and then appreciate whether the statements were truthful.

Kent cigarette were initially released by R.J. Reynolds in the middle 1950’s. As soon as they appeared they started to symbolize a great storm for the masses, they quickly climbed the top of the top. Thus, the best selling cigarettes in USA dominated not only in the United States territory but they earned popularity in many countries. They were considered to be the number one – the leading position in the list of prominent brands during 1966 till 1972. The success of this phenomenon was given to the motto at the time — «Kent tastes good like a real cigarette should». It meant that Kent was and will always be the best ever made cigarette. It must be bought and smoked endlessly!

The producers of Kent cigarettes had to introduce some significant changes as there were public regulations changing. In 1952 a line of articles were posted in the Reader’s Digest titled «Cancer by the Carton». This eveniment scared American consumers and made them look after a filtered brand that was available at that time when the majority of brands were sold without any installed filter. So in 1952, Kent created their first filter variety known as Kent Micronite. Starting from 1952 till 1956, the filters in Kent Micronite included carcinogenic blue asbestos, later it was modified to charcoal filters which is actually a form of activated carbon.

If compared with many other brands of cigarettes, Kent cigarettes too have eleaborated many versions and styles intended for people of different tastes and points of view concerning smoking. Some of the known demanded varieties are Kent lights, Kent full flavored, Kent Select lights, Kent Selects, Slims and Super Slims and etc. Kent is a brand for everyone!