Kent Cigarettes – the basic concept

Kent CigarettesDespite the fact that there are some special cases in different parts of the world when promoting the Kent cigarettes, the basic concept is that the first of these brands is considered as especially light cigarettes (1 mg of nicotine) and the second one as light cigarettes (4 mg of nicotine). These are the first-class items promoted as a contrasting option to commonly consumed cigarettes (Kent Blue, 8 mg). In some cases, smokers distinguish these three items shortly: Kent 1, Kent 4, and Kent 8.

If you really care about your health to some extent and need to diminish the impacts of nicotine and tar on your body, you may prefer Kent Gold or Kent Silver. These cigarettes are usually not expensive (no matter whether you buy them online or not) and grant their consumers some certain benefits.

Kent Gold

The unimaginably lessened level of nicotine will keep you more secured against various maladies (in spite of the fact that it won’t protect you completely) and will even give you a chance of appreciating a top-quality cigarette.

It’s not easy to breathe in fumes of Kent Gold cigarettes. Their filters decrease the volume of inhaled fumes. Smokers will feel much better after smoking of just one such cigarette while negative effects will be much less significant!

Kent Silver

This is an extraordinary blend of medium tar and incredible taste. Kent Silver is well-known in the entire world for the reason that they do not especially differ from other brands by something else except for their health safety.

Their fabulous filter improves the taste while decreasing the volume of smoke. Thus, it’s an extraordinary answer for people who like smoking for its essence. While smoking the Kent Silver cigarettes, their taste will be evidently better than the taste of any other cigarette.