Kiss Cigarettes – A new reality for smoking ladies

kiss-ss-clubnichka-affKiss cigarettes are produced by the Great Britain’s Innovation Tobacco Company, which history was started since a short time, namely in April 2004. Although this company does not exist so long as other manufacturers, it could hit the market with the newest production techniques, which are applied for production of its cigarettes. While successfully using these innovations, the Innovation Tobacco Company could win a great market share of ladies cigarettes. This brand is one of the best opportunities to satisfy a smoking need! Kiss cigarettes are not sophisticated, but stylish and a very good choice for true smokers!

Kiss cigarettes were firstly launched a pair of years ago and suddenly hit the female cigarettes market with their fine aroma, nice and trendy packaging styles and the quality, which cannot be forgotten by those who really love scenty marvelous cigarettes. Kiss cigarettes are not very expensive, but their moderate prices are perfectly combined with the excellent quality. Their stylish packages are variously colored as such outer views are very pleasant to any lady’s looks. Well, each color corresponds to a special flavor of these cigarettes, which name is already much-promising to smoking ladies.

What is very important for the experienced tobacco manufacturer, having a goal to market tobacco brands? Of course, a diversity of aromas, tastes, scents, which are covered by a certain brand. As already mentioned, the Kiss cigarettes are not too expensive, but there is a plenty of styles, tastes, aromas marketed under this trademark. Below, we list just some of existing Kiss cigarette types, which are good friends and preferences of smoking women:

Kiss Energy Superslims 100’s cigarettes, which are moderately strong and contain 5 mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine in their stuff;

Kiss Fresh Apple Superslims 100’s cigarettes with pome notes, which are a very good smoker’s choice and which contain the same quantities of tar and nicotine;

Kiss Romantic Superslims 100’s cigarettes, which are packaged into stylish boxes of white and violet colors. Any romantic lady should not hesitate to buy such cigarettes if she wants to plunge into nice dreams for some time;

Kiss Strawberry Superslims 100’s with the nice strawberry aroma – any woman, wishing to have a sweet breath, should decide herself for these cigarettes;
Kiss Dream Superslims 100’s cigarettes, which stuff includes the same quantity of tar and nicotine and which packages are rose- and violet colored;
Kiss Menthol Superslims 100’s – they include mint and are a good choice of smokers, wishing to have a fresh breath.