Kiss cigarettes — choose the most appropriate product

Kiss cigarettesAmong the female part of the human population, which smokes cigarettes, the brand «Kiss» is extremely popular, but the views on this product are quite diverse.

A feature of this product is the variety of flavors; this feature has become a key point of attraction.

The Kiss cigarettes are produced in many countries, but all manufacturing sites are controlled by the British manufacturer Innovation Tobacco Company LTD, the company, which location is in London.

From the first day when the Kiss cigarettes appeared in the tobacco market, they have been gaining an immense popularity.

Their highlight was the fact that instead of the smell of smoke there was a pleasant aroma of green apple, strawberry or caramel.

Furthermore, even the cigarette taste is quite different from the classical tobacco products. To achieve this, the manufacturers had to adde to the tobacco blend for hookahs. Today, the «Kiss» brand is one of the most popular ladies’ cigarettes and makes strong competition for the products of other brands.

The manufacturers worked on both the product quality and its design. When designing the packs for these cigarettes, the Italian artists were involved.

The floral theme, pattern and color match the flavor of cigarettes. For example, a strawberry-pictured pack of cigarettes had a red pattern; a pack of menthol-based cigarettes was blue-colored. During the designing, the packs had been changed several times, but the theme remained the same.

The manufacturer company carefully monitors the quality of manufactured cigarettes. The main purpose of their creation was to develop light cigarettes with a pleasant aroma.

The Kiss cigarettes differ with their flavor and size, which allows women to choose the most appropriate products for themselves.

The consumers mostly prefer the two types of «Kiss» cigarettes: super-slim and mini. They have the same diameter, which is 5 mm only, the super slim length is 10 cm, and the mini -length is 4.8 cm. These cigarettes contain 0.4-0.6 mg nicotine, what is especially appropriate for the organism.

Each type has its own range of cigarette and tastes. The super-slims include the following flavors:

Strawberry — Strawberry;
Dream and Romantic — no flavor;
Energy — exotic fruits;
Fresh Apple — green apple;
Menthol — Menthol;
Cool Apple — apple with menthol.

The mini cigarettes are presented in the following range:

Dessert — dessert;
Cherries — cherry;
Love is — chewing gum;
Mohito — Cocktail Mojito.