Legal age to buy cigarettes in long island

NO ITS NOT. YOU CAN’T BUY THEM UNTIL YOUR 21. RETHINK THE SMOKING. A LOT OF HEALTH PROBLEMS FOLLOWS IT I KNOW. I’m pretty sure that the legal age to purchase cigarettes is 18 because I’m 18 and i was able to purchase them! The legal age is 18 im 15 and my friend that is 19 smokes them The Legal age to buy cigarettes is not 21, it is 18. 21 is the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol. There is a legal age to buy cigarettes, which varies from country to country and state to state, but there is no legal age to smoke them, certainly in the UK, Canada and probably most countries. In the UK, it is legal to drink alcohol at the age of 5 but you can’t buy it until you are 18. Something suspicious there! (MORE)

How old do you have to be to buy cigarettes in california

If you look at the website linked below, it says it is illegal in California. While the above answer is correct, the law is not without loopholes. The California Departm ent of Justice has a list of banned manufacturers it is still legal to buy and own an AR 15 style rifle in California if the lower is an off list lower. Then, there are further stipulations. Since 1989, California has had a so called «assault weapons ban». If a detachable magazine centrefire rifle has any of the following features, it is classified as a so called «assault weapon» under California law Pronounced pistol gripBarrel shroudFlash suppressor (muzzle brakes are legal, though)Collapsible or folding buttstockVertical forward grip (this includes Magpul’s Angled Fore Grip)So, you have one of two options if you want the «evil» features, you need to go with a «bullet button» magazine release, which will get the firearm classified as a fixed magazine rifle. The capacity of the magazine may not exceed ten you want a detachable magazine rifle, then it must be made featureless (i.e., none of the above features). There’s a couple companies which make California legal AR 15 buttstocks… the U 15 is one, and there are others. California’s magazine laws state a ten round limit. While there are loopholes in that law, they are a bit complicated and long winded, and I’d recommend you go to the California Rifles website and forum for further clarification on that matter. (MORE)