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Product type Cigarette Produced by Philip Morris International

Longbeach is a brand of cigarettes in Australia produced by Philip Morris. It is sold in packets of 20s, 25s,30s and 40s in strengths of 1 16 mg «milligrams» and is sold in different flavors. Longbeach also produce Rolling Tobacco which comes in pouches of 30grams or 50grams also in strengths of 1 16 mg «milligrams» and in different packaging.

Strengths in Australia include Filter (16 mg), Original (12 mg), Rich (8 mg), Smooth (6 mg), Fine (4 mg), Finesse (2 mg) and Select (1 mg). Menthol cigarettes come in Menthol (8 mg) and Menthol Fresh (2 mg).

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The Ardath Tobacco Company Limited was originally located at 62 Leadenhall Street in London and called La Casa de Habana (The House of Havana) until 1895 when it changed its name to the present day version. 3 It is said that Sir Albert Levy found his inspiration for the name ARDATH from a book of the same name written by Marie Corelli. The title of the book is derived from numerous references in the Books of Esdras (in the Apocrypha) to the «Field of Ardath». For example, in the fourth book, chapter IX, verse XXVI reads

‘So I went my way into the field which is called Ardath, like as He commanded me, and there I sat among the flowers and did eat of the herbs of the field and the meat of the same satisfied me’ 3

On 31 July 1895 Sir Levy registered the trademark ARDATH in the Republic of Ireland. 3

The name of the company was changed in 1901 to the Ardath Tobacco Company, and was split in 1925 when it was sold British American Tobacco acquired the overseas rights of Ardath, while the Imperial Tobacco Group retained the rights of sale within the United Kingdom and Ireland. The State Express brand proved to be a boon for B.A.T., where it was a huge success in China until the rise of communism there (though it has since been re introduced). In the United Kingdom, Ardath’s brands also endured, to the point where they were granted a Royal Warrant by King George VI in 1946 and again later by H.M Queen Elizabeth II. 4 In 1961, British American Tobacco bought out Imperial Tobacco’s share of Ardath, thus gaining full control of Ardath’s trademarks. 2

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In the Second World War, Ardath supplied 555 cigarettes to General Montgomery s 8th Army. Montgomery himself organized their distribution and sent a personal letter of appreciation. 1

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