Lucky Strike Cigarettes – an obvious leader

lucky_strike_blue_en_nbIt is hardly possible to know for sure what brand of cigarettes was the first one in history. Every brand is intriguing and satisfactory in the way it provides great taste features.

But the fact that Lucky Strike cigarettes are one of the oldest brands should not be doubted, because for the first time it became available in the 19th century, in 1871 and for a long time was considered a cult not only locally in the United States, but around the world. This brand existed, exists and will exist.

Here you see a classic representative of the American School of tobacco production – a world-famous brand of Lucky Strike cigarettes. The company since then surprised its devoted consumers very much.

At the origins of the brand there was R.A. Patterson, who was the seller of chewing tobacco, who decided to expand his activities, and for some reason bought a small manufactory.

The entrepreneur could buy the tobacco factory badly hit by fire with burnt tobacco stocks.

An experienced trader did not miss the opportunity to make money on raw materials harvested and mixed burnt tobacco to the fresh one, which resulted in the appearance of a new original flavor, which later became the basis of a blend of Lucky Strike cigarettes.

Roasted tobacco mixed with the raw material, dried in the sun, was the carte-de-visite of the brand!

In 1905, Lucky Strike cigarettes became the part of a large corporation called American Tobacco Company, which later became the part of multinational corporation – British American Tobacco.

In 1917, the brand underwent a re-branding, the result of which was the new pack with a resounding slogan «Lucky Strike means fine tobacco».

The blend also experienced some changes – only fried tobacco had to be added to it. From 1935 to 1960 brand was an obvious leader in the United States and in the world in terms of sales.

During the Second World War, marketers worked diligently over the positioning of the brand. It was very important and had to mean a new start after such terrible war.

Packaging lost its usual dark green color, which made a new pack more attractive to women – elegant white color, diluted by the red target, became a trendsetter of its time.

Currently Lucky Strike cigarettes are manufactured in Europe. There are available on sale cigarettes with filter and without it, as well as menthol products.

Lucky Strike cigarettes are cigarettes that demonstrate you the history of cigarettes smoking. Time cannot change it!