Lucky Strike cigarettes — the quality that is tested by years

lucky_strike_blue_en_nbLucky Strike cigarettes is a standout amongst the most well-known brands of American cigarettes. It must be noticed that it is additionally one of the oldest brands of tobacco items, which began its history in 1871.

Indeed, even after the manufacturing company was merged by the American Tobacco Company in 1905 and after that remained its property till now, the brand couldn’t lose its fame. The main thing is that the company is presently called as the British American Tobacco.

As per the information in 2007, which is released by the company, more than 23 billion cigarettes were distributed under this brand amid that year, and they were marketed in 80 distinct nations around the world.

By the way, there is an extremely fascinating legend about the beginning of this brand of cigarettes.

As per a few reports, RA Patterson purchased a small tobacco enterprise, which was severely harmed during a fire.

Thus, these cigarettes were titled as Lucky Strike. Indeed, even later, in 1917, the company turned out to to lead successful advertizing campaigns that the tobacco leaves, which must be utilized for the generation of these cigarettes, must be just dried in the sun.

At that point this data was even printed on the packaging of cigarettes.

In publicizing campaigns for these cigarettes, even Hollywood performance stars participated what contributed to the effective promotion of these cigarettes.

Before 1942, the Lucky Strike cigarette packs were dim-green. Afterward, the manufacturer changed this shading to white. In the meantime, the producer began to promote these cigarettes among the female smokers as the women started to effectively consume cigarettes in those years.

Nowadays, these cigarettes are as still on the top. However, there are very two clarifications for that: the remarkable quality and the phenomenal taste.

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