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    Posted on 10. Apr, 2014 by Author123 in Health

    You know that smoking is bad for your health. Your family and friends do not like the smell of burnt tobacco that seems to follow you around. You do not like the idea of exposing your kids to second hand smoke because it makes them cough and you are not quite sure that it is safe for them to breathe. Finally, you already see lines on your face that seem to multiply every day and teeth that are stained by coffee. You do not want to increase the number of facial lines even more nor do you want to add a yellow color to your teeth, all as a result of smoking tobacco. You have heard about the alternative, electronic cigarettes, and you may have even tried them. It would make your life and the lives of those around you easier if you switched over and started to buy electronic cigarettes online.

    Electronic cigarettes are used by many people for many different reasons. Some people use them to quit smoking and others have turned to them because e cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. Regardless of the reason, the electronic cigarette business is booming and destined to continue to grow for years to come.

    The price of a pack of regular cigarettes has skyrocketed due to the economy and the new taxes. Smokers are heavily taxed on the purchase of cigarettes while states push for heavier bans on smoking in public places. Smokers are turning to an alternative as a way to save money. The average disposable electronic cigarette contains the equivalent of 2 packs and costs just slightly less than it does to purchase two packs. In addition to the disposable type of e cigarettes, there are also reusable ones. These are the most cost effective for a heavy smoker that does not intent to quit. You can purchase a kit that comes with a charger and the batteries and when you need new cartridges they are far less expensive than buying a carton of cigarettes.


    Smokers face heavy regulations that dictate when and where they are able to smoke. Many cities have made it illegal to smoke on their streets. This is pushing smokers to find an alternative way to get the nicotine they rely on. Until the invention of electronic cigarettes, the only options available were nicotine gum, patches or chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco is not always an ideal choice when indoors, and patches and gum can be expensive. People benefit greatly from disposable electronic cigarettes as they are affordable and can be used anywhere. There are currently no regulations against the use of electronic cigarettes in public places and it seems difficult to regulate water vapor.


    Disposable electronic cigarettesare best for those smokers looking for a way to quit without any negative effects such as nicotine withdrawal. Electronic cigarettes are different from a regular cigarette because you dont feel as though you are wasting money if you dont finish the whole thing. When you light a cigarette you feel obligated to finish smoking it because it costs you money. With an e cig you are able to inhale only what you need to satisfy your craving and then put it down. Electronic cigarettes are great to help you quit because they allow your body to adjust to going without the other addictive chemicals that are in a regular cigarette. Nicotine is not the only addictive substance put into your tobacco so your withdrawals are not all related to nicotine. By allowing yourself to still get the nicotine without the other chemicals you can slowly adjust to not smoking.

    When you use an e cigarette, you inhale nicotine through a liquid vapor that is atomized by a battery in the cigarette. You buy the mechanical components of the cigarette, then you purchase e liquids that contain the nicotine your body craves. Nobody else has to endure your smoking.

    One of the other benefits of e cigarettes is that they come in many different flavors. Of course, you can get straight tobacco flavor but, unlike regular cigarettes, you can also get candy flavored, fruit flavored, coffee flavored and many more. If you buy electronic cigarettes online, you can choose from all of the potential flavors. If you go to the store to get your e liquids, you are at the mercy of whatever they have in stock. Just think how nice it would be to order a variety of flavors to increase the pleasure of smoking.

    For more information, visit It is a whole new world for smokers.

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