Marlboro ad man eric lawson dies of chronic lung disease

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Marlboro cigarette brand is the best selling tobacco product in the world. Its reputation is so high that all other rivals could barely dream of getting closer to the popularity of Marlboro cigarettes. Millions of adult smokers around the world are loyal to this premium brand, as its quality and taste simply has no competition.

Marlboro brand is a property of Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris International, the largest private tobacco company in the world. The brand was named after a street in London, United Kingdom, where the tobacco plant which produced the first Marlboro cigarette was located. The story of Marlboro cigarettes began in 1902, when the brand was introduced. It is interesting that initially Marlboro was intended for female smokers, with a slogan Marlboro mild as May.

Several decades after Marlboro cigarettes were re launched with accompanying advertising campaign depicting beautiful Marlboro country and brave and gorgeous Marlboro man. In short time after the re launch, sales of Marlboro cigarettes have sky rocketed by amazing 5000%. This record is still unmatched as Marlboro brand remains a cemented leader of world’s tobacco industry.

Marlboro has been the top selling cigarette brand in the United States for almost 40 years. Its manufacturer, Philip Morris, is world famous not only for superb quality of its brands, but also for constant extensions of brand families performed in order to live up to the evolving requirements of adult smokers.

Currently, Marlboro cigarettes are offered in traditional styles, such as Marlboro Red, Gold and Silver, and innovative styles such Marlboro Filter Plus and Marlboro Filter Plus Extra. In addition, the company recently launched Marlboro Gold Touch, Marlboro Gold Fine Touch and Marlboro Gold Edge, which are compact sized and slim.

You can order tax free Marlboro cigarettes at our discount cigarette store, choosing from the following product range Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold, Marlboro Silver, Marlboro Gold Edge, Marlboro Gold Touch, Marlboro Gold Fine Touch, Marlboro Filter Plus and Marlboro Filter Plus Extra.

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