Marlboro ad man eric lawson dies of chronic lung disease

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Marlboro 72’s regular cigarettes – reviews for marlboro cigarettes online


ULTRA lights here, I even smoke with an extra filter called a tar bar. It’s like smoking air. Wonderful. I get 72’s because I don’t like to smoke for very long but there is the extra hazard shorter filter. Much cheaper. Sure the taste is harsher than regular cigarettes. Just get ultra light, they’re perfect. A little heavy on the inhale, great on the exhale, and they leave a lingering, mild tobacco taste in your mouth. I’ll smoke these until I quit, which will be easy to because I’ve heard these babies only have 4mg of nicotine, and even less with my tar bar which actually blocks the tar. Now, my tar bar makes me a handicap smoker. It’s like a wheelchair or poultice or something. I don’t mind looking retarded. With the 72s someone else would barely notice it, even. I’m one of the most healthy smokers I know. Period.

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