Marlboro cigarette ads

Black and white 10″ x 13″ ad for their Filter Cigarettes. The ad has a black and white picture of a man wearing the trappings of a cowboy lighting a cigarette at night with the lights of a major city in the background. The ad says this, and everywhere else, is «Marlboro Country» and talks about this cigarette having «the clean, brisk flavor of Marlboro’s famous Richmond, VA recipe…». This ad is done in black and white but in the upper right hand corner of the ad are samples of the red and white soft pack and crush proof box that Marlboro comes in. This ad is larger than my scanner bed so the outer edges of the ad will not be visible in the scanned view.

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Marlboro simply the best tobacco product in the world.

Marlboro brand needs no introduction or advertisement. It has been the best selling cigarette brand across the world for almost 40 years, and one of the most popular trademarks among all products, along with Coca Cola and Microsoft. Its leadership position is so indisputable that tobacco industry experts doubt any brand is able to at least get closer to it in the nearest future. According to annual sale volumes, Marlboro cigarette sales are exceed sales of next three rivals combined.

Marlboro cigarettes hit the stores’ shelves in the Unites States back in 1902. Initially, the brand was intended for female smokers. But after it’s re launch in the 1940’s the focus of attention was shifted to male smokers. And the latter strategy worked successfully.

Though Marlboro brand has been always excessively advertised, it is the inimitable quality that made Marlboro win the hearts of millions of smokers around the world. There are many outstanding cigarette brands, world known for their superior quality, but none of those brands can be compared to Marlboro. It is simply the best smoking product of all time.

Smokers stay loyal to Marlboro cigs for decades because of the inimitable taste and unmatched quality they offer. These cigarettes have never left any adult cigarette lover indifferent with the feeling of freedom strength and self confidence Marlboros give from the very first puff.

In our online discount cigarette store Marlboro cigarettes are available in three classic and three innovative styles. Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold (former Lights) and Marlboro Silver (Ultra Lights) will be the best choice for those smokers who prefer classic smokes, while Marlboro Filter Plus and Marlboro Filter Plus extra will suit the demands of those who are willing to go in touch with the most advanced technologies in cigarette industry.

Moreover, recently Philip Morris International, the maker of Marlboros delighted female smokers by launching a delicate ultra slim version landmark brand, Marlboro Gold Edge. These superb smokes offer a refined taste and a subtle frame.

is proud to offer its customers legendary Marlboro cigarettes at a reduced price and with an absolutely free shipping. Marlboro become a part of the legend.

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