Marlboro cigarettes are loved by cowboys

Marlboro cigarettes first hit the shelves almost a century ago. In the state of Virginia (USA) in 1924, the first block of the Marlboro brand with a classic taste was released. The product was strong, high in tar and nicotine, and the price per block was very high. This was the beginning of the history of buying tobacco products from a well-known company and promoting smoking in America.

Marlboro cigarettes are the most renowned tobacco brand in the world. The history of the development and success of this brand is an excellent example for many. The image of the stern Marlboro cowboy in advertising is recognizable by everyone, but few people know that the original cigarettes of this brand were created for women. The soft tutu of this brand in the hands was proof of the prestige of a woman. To attract a female audience, Marlboro’s marketing department went for various tricks to increase the purchase of products by smokers. Around the filter, the manufacturer made a special red strip to hide the trail left by the lipstick. Another addition was a filter that allowed the girls’ smiles to remain snow-white.

Marketers of the Marlboro Company did not give up and performed a rebranding. The manufacturer decided to expand the audience and create cigarettes for men, coming up with new types. The tobacco manufacturer chose Ferreri as a partner company, the design changed and the block began to look even more prestigious, and brutal men began to appear in advertising instead of a charming girl. They were military men, sailors and, of course, the most famous hero of Marlboro cigarettes — a cowboy. Smokers all over the world have been eager to buy the coveted block of classic Marlboro cigarettes. The number of purchases among men jumped in just a couple of months so much that smoking rates in America increased.

The cowboy ad was invented by Leo Banette. This advertising campaign is still considered one of the brightest in the whole world. The cowboy brought Morris’ company to the fourth place in the world tobacco rankings. The menthol Marlboro cigarettes appeared already in 1966, and again marketers and developers hit the mark. A new round of brand popularization begins.