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The special design of Marlboro cigarettes featured a red tip, which hid lipstick marks that women would leave while smoking.
However, the Marlboro cigarettes brand faltered During World War II and had to be taken off the market. This brand was again submitted to the market in the 1950’s when many smokers began to worry about the health aspects of their habit. At the time, the majority of cigarettes were not filtered.

Since Marlboro filtered cigarettes were previously oriented mainly to the female smoking audience, Phillip Morris decided to extend the range of customers, touching the group of addicted male smokers who were afraid of acquiring lung cancer. Therefore advertising strategies were completely revised.

As a result the «Tattooed Man» campaign got under way in 1955. The new advertisements popularized the image of rugged men (a cattle rancher, a Navy officer, a flyer), «whose tattooed wrist suggested a romantic past, a man who had once worked with his hands, who knew the score, who merited respect». The new Marlboro smokers were portrayed smoking while performing manly tasks. «Man sized taste of honest tobacco comes full through. Smooth drawing filter feels right in your mouth. Works fine but doesn’t get in the way. Modern Flip top box keeps every cigarette firm and fresh until you smoke it.» Phillip Morris Marlboro Advertisement.

The campaign proved that there was nothing feminine about the filtered cigarettes and tripled sales by 1957. In 1954, the cowboy image was introduced and became the most popular Marlboro advertisement character ever. By 1963, the Marlboro cowboy became the only character in the marketing of Marlboro cigarettes. The geometric design of the red, white and black lettered flip top Marlboro package boosted the appeal of a strong independent individual.

By 1972, Marlboro cigarettes had become the most popular world wide and have stayed that way for majority of years that have followed. By 1992, Financial World ranked Marlboro the world’s No. 1 most valuable brand, with a market worth of $32 billion. Currently, Philip Morris’ tobacco brands are in 180 markets, have a 38% market share in the US, are the top selling cigarettes in the world, and the tenth most valuable product brands overall.

The Philip Morris name has long been associated with high quality tobacco products and globally recognized cigarette brands. Today the name is proudly carried by the leading cigarette manufacturer in the United States, Philip Morris USA, and by Philip Morris International, the world’s leading international cigarette business with products sold in 160 countries worldwide.

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