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Candy cigarettes usa: world candies

185 30th Street

Brooklyn NY 11232

Current products Stallion, Victory, Lucky Lights, Target, Kings, Round Up, Popeye, Tom & Jerry, Spiderman, Flintstones, Hulk, X Men, Candy Cigar

Discontinued products The Beatles Yeah Yeah Candy Sticks, Camel, Cool, Kent, L&M, L&N, Lucky Strike, Marlboro, Mustang, Pall Mall, Pell Mell, Salem, Tareyton, Terryton, Viceray, Virgina Slams, Winston, Monsters

World’s candy cigarette tips are daubed in red food coloring to simulate a lit end and feature a tax stamp (the Target brand also features faux red cellophane!). World also has bubble gum versions of some of the cigarette brands (the wax paper wrapping simulates a filtered cigarette), not sure if it’s a change in either direction or an extension of the product line but seems to be the latter. They seem to be hedging their bets by also cramming their candy cigarettes into non cigarette related comic book character packaging which has more concentrated markets overseas. Why do I know this junk?

If you are actually interested in consuming candy cigarettes, I cannot recommend the World Candies candy cigarette brand at this time. It is not a taste that appeals to me.

«Mini» candy cigarettes found at the Candy Shoppe, Intervale, New Hampshire by Soosan.

Stallion. 1999.

RJ Reynolds sent a cease and desist to World over the Mustang brand this is what took its place.

But now let’s take a closer look at the package.

The bottom of this package is CLEARLY marked so convenience store drones don’t stock them in the wrong place. Which would sort of imply that there’s some sort of history of that happening, no?

Another thing about World Candies smokes… they’re not from around here, really. They’re from Slovenia. SLOVENIA. Yep. Don’t ask me, this is also on my «candy cigarette to do» list. Maybe a fact finding mission.

Wherever they’re from, they don’t taste that good. I mean, TO ME. That’s not legally actionable, is it?

Oddly enough, Doc was knocking back some smokes from World Candies while I was editing this page …

«I feel like having a real cigarette, just to cleanse the palate. HEY! THAT’S how they GETCHA!»

Mustang. 1996.

This is actually the pack of candy cigarettes that started this whole mess. It was donated by Deuce of Clubs, and purchased around 1996.

Please note the strong image connotated by this pack Mustang, a wild horse. That’s right l’il buckaroo, you’re a free, untamed spirit, with a glint in your eye. Now «smoke»! Smoke I say!