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Marlboro is a very famous brand of cigarette made by Altria Group, Inc., which was formerly named as Phillip Morris Companies Inc. Nowadays, Marlboro is very well known for its billboard and commercial advertisements featuring the Marlboro Man.

Marlboro first come out in the market in 1920 and was first intended for women with the advertisement featuring women and carrying the slogan that goes, «Mild as May.» During that phase, the main characteristic of the Marlboro cigarette is the red tip that was enough to cover or hide the lipstick mark from a woman that consumes the cigarette. A slowdown on the sales of Marlboro packs during the World War II was the reason why Marlboro was pulled out of the market. However, the cigarette brand was invigorated and revitalized during the 1950s. During this period, various researches showed connective link between cigarette smoking and the development of cancer for the smokers. Marlboro with filters was assumed by many as an alternative believing that the filters are vital enough to lessen the risk of developing cancer for those who enjoy smoking.

During the early 1960s, Phillip Morris was enthusiastic enough to introduce the Marlboro Country personified by the very manly figure of the cowboy attired men, which was then and until now referred to as the «Marlboro Men.» Marlboro has the most ancient history among many cigarette brands and with this rich legacy emerged the many flavors of Marlboro that are well loved by its patrons. The many flavors of Marlboro include Marlboro Lights, Marlboro Menthol and of course the most popular referred as the Marlboro Red by common class consumers.

Marlboro has been in existence for such a long time and an evident proof of something that many consumers continuously patronize to be such an appealing product. The package may have changed as well as its flavor continuously improved still it remains a fact that Marlboro is one of the most well loved cigarette brand.

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Source USDA and U.S. Bureau of Census

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