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One of the products that reach people from all ages (at least all that are of age) without a lot of advertising is the cigarettes. At least nowadays they don t need ads. People just smoke them not for the ad, but for the quality they offer. All this is combines somewhat with the price of the pack of cigarettes or the bag of tobacco. And ads can t really make you switch from one brand to another, unless you re looking for a new one. However, names are the identity of the cigarette brands, and regular customers are the best ad possible. This naming article is about Marlboro the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. Indeed they are widely popular based on their old ad with the cowboy. The ad was created in the 1950 s to convert male smokers to buy Marlboro cigarettes, which were being sold as feminine until then. And the manly cowboy did the trick.

But we re talking about naming here. One may assume the name originated from the town the founder was born in and that wouldn t be unexpected. Many companies are named based on similar ideas (see IKEA post). Furthermore, there are many places called Marlborough all over the world England, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand etc. How original must it have been to simply change Marlborough spelling to Marlboro? Well, the real story is not too far from the suggestion. Phillip Morris, the founder of the company, opened a shop in which he was selling tobacco and rolled cigarettes. This was in 1847 and the location was Bond Street, London, UK. However, after his death, relatives took care of the business, and eventually it grew enough for a first factory to be opened. The factory was located on Great Marlborough Street, London (you can see what the street looked like around that time here). The owners, a company called Phillip Morris Companies Inc. at the time (the name is Altria Group nowadays), decided to go for a simple name Marlboro. A name that has proven though the years and is the most popular cigarette brand.

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Henley cigs review

by Aaron Glassman

We like to call Henley Cigs one of our «hidden gems» in the e cig industry. You won’t see them popping up on e cigarette review sites as much as you do some of the more popular ecig brands, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a quality product. Henley is a relatively new entrant to the market and, after giving them a try ourselves, we have a feeling that they’ll be around for some time.

We like to dig into the story behind the different brands, and really like what Henley stands for. Like us, the founders of Henley were smokers of traditional cigarettes and wanted to make a healthy change in their life and took up e cigarettes. They liked the new experience, but weren’t completely satisfied with the options out there, so they decided to start their own brand. They spent tons of time in research and development, product trials and testing, and would settle for nothing less than the best. We can honestly say they have a product they can proudly stand behind.

That said, let’s get into our full review of Henley Cigs.

Henley Kits

The grand daddy of the kits at Henley Cigs is their Deluxe Kit. This is one of the most sleek and stylish kits that we’ve gotten our hands on. It sells for $69.95 and comes with the following

  • Personal Charging Case
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 5 Flavor Cartridges
  • 2 USB Cords
  • AC Adapter

The highlight of this kit is the personal charging case (PCC). This thing is sleek. It works as a carrying case to store your e cig batteries and cartridges, but also doubles as a mobile charging device. It fits easily in your pocket, about the size of a traditional pack of cigarettes. You’ll never be without fresh batteries.

Now, a lot of brands sell PCC’s. What puts Henley’s over the top is what it does beyond just keeping your batteries charged. It has inputs allowing you to charge your mobile devices (phone, iPod, iPad, etc.) as well it’s basically a portable outlet in your pocket. They put a lot of thought in this device and it definitely shines. Take a look at it below.

Deluxe Kit

Buy a Deluxe Kit here

While the Deluxe Kit is pretty sweet, when talking to the reps at Henley they say what they are really pushing is their Express Kit, so we gave those a try as well. This is a leaner, more convenient kit than the Deluxe and a little lighter on the wallet. With this kit you get the following for $19.95

  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 3 Flavor Cartridges (Original or Menthol)

This is a pretty good deal, as buying these items separately will cost you well more than $20. There’s no sacrifice in quality with this lighter kit, it’s the same batteries as you get with the Deluxe. Nice, big pulls of vapor and the cartridges are pretty tasty. If the three cartridges aren’t enough, or you want to try something other than Original or Menthol, you can always pick up cartridges a la carte as well, available in ten different flavors and four nicotine strengths.

Express Kits Original and Menthol

Henley Cartridges

We tried out a bunch of the cartridges at Henley and really like them all. As mentioned in the beginning of this review, the people behind Henley did a lot of R&D and trials before they put their products on the market, and that didn’t just mean the batteries, it includes the cartridge flavors. You can tell they put a lot of time into them until they got them just right. Full, rich flavor and big hits of vapor. The Original flavor is one of the truest tobacco flavors we’ve tried, and the others are great as well. Their ten flavors consist of two Tobacco varieties, Menthol, Cherry, Clove, Watermelon, Vanilla, Cappuccino, Strawberry, and Pina Colada. Some unique ones in there that you won’t see at other brands of electronic cigarettes. All are available in four nicotine strengths.

Click here to start shopping for Henley Cigs

Even better, they have a program they call the Cartridge Club. It reminds us of the Home Delivery Program that we write about in our Ever Smoke electronic cigarette review. With this program you get monthly deliveries of your favorite cartridges, so you don’t have to remember to re order, and you get a discount by enrolling. Sign up for 6 months of deliveries and you get 20% off, 9 months for 30% off, or 12 months for 40% off! If you know you’re going to be fiending on Henley Cigs, and we have a feeling you will, there’s no reason not to sign up for this program.

Final Thoughts on Henley Cigs

You get the picture by now, but we really like this brand. They don’t quite have the market saturation yet as they are relatively new compared to the big players in the industry, so it’s a «hidden gem» of ours for now, but we have a feeling that it won’t be kept secret for too long.

What do we love most about Henley?

  • Sleek design and technology
  • Strong batteries big vapor production
  • Great cartridge variety rich and unique flavors
  • High quality craftsmanship the Personal Charging Case is great
  • Cartridge Club program gotta love getting regular deliveries of cartridges at a discounted price

One way to make a great deal even better a coupon code. The fine folks at Henley Cigs set us up with a discount for our readers. Simply enter the code HENLEY10 at checkout to get 10% off your order! Check them out now by visiting