Marlboro cigarettes popularity

2 May

Many smokers nowadays choose to smoke high fresh quality cigarettes at affordable prices. Studies show that among their preferences Marlboro cigarettes occupy the leading place. This brand is considered to be the most popular and best sold in the world. Marlboro cigarettes were first introduced as women cigarettes early in 1924, however due to the fact that the sales of this brand decreased, after the World War II, a new campaign started and advertised them to the male smokers. So, the Marlboro cigarette brand was introduced back to Americans in 1955, the image of new Marlboro smoker was presented as a confident image of a real man, a Navy officer, a flyer, a man who merits respect and trust. This way Marlboro cigarettes gained the trust of millions of people all around the world. The campaign had an incredible success, as Marlboro cigarettes became in only few months the top selling cigarette in the USA. Next forty years few other campaigns advertised and taught smokers all about filters, promoted the flip top box, convinced women to try the cigarette made for man that women like .

Moreover, the red Marlboro cigarettes pack was advertised as a symbol of membership to the club that recognized the Marlboro Man as their leader. They were advertised for many years by all possible ways of advertisement in stores, in magazines, newspapers, on TV, that s how Marlboro cigarette brand became by 1992 the most valuable brand. In many countries The Marlboro Man is still an icon of the past due to increasing pressure on tobacco advertising for health reasons. However, the Marlboro cigarettes brand is still used in Japan, where smoking is widespread in the male population.

In our days smokers can easily buy their favorite brand online, as Marlboro cigarettes are offered at discount prices. People have now the possibility to try their unique taste and flavor at cheapest prices offered by lots of online cigarettes shops. This brand gained the appreciation of smokers worldwide and is offered in several colors such as Red, Gold or Green (menthol).

Still hesitating whether to try Marlboro cigarettes or not? Well, one thing is certain people who smoke this brand affirm they are a great stress release. Try one cigarette and the satisfaction is guaranteed, as you ll feel new dimensions in smoking. Buy Marlboro cigarettes and give a try to enjoy real tobacco taste of the natural cigarettes!

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Marlboro cigarettes sweden price

January 3rd, 2014 Marlboro cigarettes Sweden price 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

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