Marlboro cigarettes should be smoked by men

marlboro_filterMarlboro was originally targeted towards ladies until the scope was shifted to men and a man’s picture became an advertising symbol of Marlboro. Marlboro managed to reach its highest rank among the world-known cigarette trademarks in 1972 when it got the first place. The owners of Marlboro trademark are company Altria, which is authorized to support this brand inside the United States, and Philip Morris International, doing it in other countries.

Marlboro sales rated to 43.8% of the US cigarette market in 2014, much more than 11 other brands together. The presence of Marlboro cigarettes in the international world market is also great.

Marlboro is the best-distributed brand of cigarettes around the world. These cigarettes are manufactured by the company Philip Morris USA, which is a filial of the Altria Tobacco Company in the United States, and by Philip Morris International, another producer, promoting these cigarettes worldwide. Marlboro is present in multiple world activities. For instance, it is a supporter of F1 racing competitions.

Marlboro is produced in many versions, which are difficult to completely list. The most popular brand subcategories include Marlboro Accent, Marlboro Blue Fresh Menthol, Marlboro Blue Ice, Marlboro Extra Flavor, Marlboro Filter Plus, Marlboro Flavor Mix Medium and other varieties.

The Marlboro Brand is extremely demanded in the United States and highly ordered in the rest of the globe.

At the very start, Marlboro was a ladies brand and this factor truly limited its sales until the manufacturers finally decide to re-target it. The manufacturer attempted to market the Marlboro brand as male cigarettes and launched a new advertising campaign. The key symbol of this campaign became the American Cowboy. Its depiction attracted male consumers as an icon of true and powerful men, probably smoking the Marlboros. That campaign lasted approximately fifty years: The Marlboro Man was seen in the magazines, newspapers, store windows, advertising boards, etc.

Among the preferred Marlboro varieties, the Marlboro Lights (Gold) are distinguished. These are beloved cigarettes of those who want soft and aromatic cigarettes. For which reason are these top cigarettes so highly preferred? The explanation is very simple, these cigarettes do not include so much nicotine and tar and are less dangerous than other brands. But they are not a choice of those who want to get a stronger smoke. The smokers, having a need in that, select some other varieties. However, there is a wide selection range for each taste.