Marlboro lights 100s cigarettes — reviews for marlboro cigarettes online


Simply the worse cigarettes ever made. My father smoked them until he quit. They have no taste at all and emit a foul odor. When I have to smoke these I end up needing to smoke two to get a whole milligram of nicotine in my system, so I end up smoking more of them. FYI This was my first cigarette. If I smoke a pack of Marlboro Lights then I catch bronchitis. They’re nothing special. Just an American Blend of tobacco ruined with formaldehyde, rat poison, and a long white filter with two rows of air vents, whereas if you cut the filter above the air vents or cut the filter off its the same as the Marlboro Full Flavor. It tastes of nothing except tar and nicotine. Marlboro Lights are a waste of money. Simply the worse cigarette ever made.

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Commercial marlboro cigarettes filter flavor pack or box — video dailymotion

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