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Marlboro Red is true American cigarettes which earn world recognition with their high quality and reasonable prices. Marlboro Red is considered to be the best seller of Phillip Morris products and is globally known as the premium brand of cigarettes.

The cigarettes are quite strong. It contains 0,7 0,8 mg of nicotine and 9 10 mg of tar. So Marlboro Red is usually a choice of confirmed, heavy smokers. There are two types of Marlboro Red cigarettes Marlboro Red King Size Box and Marlboro Red 100&#8242 s. Marlboro Red 100&#8242 s has longer size and is popular in USA, while Marlboro Red King Size Box is more common in Europe.

Lately cigarette manufacturers in USA started to produce fire safe cigarettes including Marlboro Red as well. As of January 1, 2010, the fire safe cigarette law was in effect in 43 states. Fire safe cigarettes are produced by adding two bands or «speed bumps» to the cigarette paper during manufacture in order to slow the burn rate at the bands. However some consumers in the United States claim they have found a noticeable difference in the taste of FSC Marlboro from non FSC Marlboro, comparing it to a copper or metallic taste.

Today it is possible to buy non fire safe Marlboro cigarettes online. Online cigarette stores sell Marlboro produced in Eastern Europe where there are no mentioned above regulations. Just in case you decided to order non FSC Marlboro online, be sure you found a reliable store.

What is the level of tar in a marlboro red cigarette

  • What type of Marlboro cigarette has the most tar?


  • What brands of cigarettes have the lowest level of tar and nicotine?

    Now Ultra Light and Merit Ultra Light both have less than 0.3 mg of nicotine, which is the lowest yo

  • What does tar from cigarettes do to you?

    paralyzes the cilia in the lungs also turns your teeth and nails yellow and also let you cough more

  • Why do cigarettes have tar?

    if you smoke something, its reasonably nasty tasting and hurts your throat. cigarettes have additiv

  • How much are Marlboro cigarettes in Australia?

    Marlboro cigarettes in Australia are, on average, 10 dollars for a pack of 20s, 12 dollars for

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