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Okay let me preface by saying that I was, for the majority of my teen years, a die heart Camel only smoker. I smoked everything they put out. Filters, Menthol, Lights, Special Blends, and Unfiltered. When Marlboro put out their Skyline menthol I was intrigued, and there was where my love for Marlboro developed. After three straight months of smoking Skylines I had to drop the menthol due to irritated gums. Most logical alternative? Marlboro Reds! I was hooked on the brand so switching to the original just made perfect sense. These are a very strong Cigarette. I enjoy the slight burn when inhaling. (Unlike the painful burn when smoking Pall Mall). They taste like no other Cigarette, which is a great thing. I live in Kentucky now and the prices are starting to rise but now where near what they were when I lived in Indiana. At least a dollar fifty cheaper here!! These are a great cigarette, and they grow on you. I’ve been smoking them straight for 4 months now and I don’t see myself switching any time in near future, unless price becomes an issue.

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Marlboro red regular cigarettes — cigarettes

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