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ok i rated the price at low because these cigs just came out at the time this review is being written and so there’s a discount. however, the price will go up eventually at which point they would be pretty much at the regular price of most cigs. the menthol taste is definately there on the inhale and exhale. although this is a light cigarette so don’t expect «blow me out of the water» buzz, taste, or aroma. the filter is even white to indicate a light cig. now i read on some forums that menthols are the most satisfying cig after smokin a bowl no matter what you usually smoke. so, i decided to test out this theory last night and oh my god, yes! after a bowl, the menthol doesn’t taste like menthol anymore, it tastes like a vanilla cake! i’m not joking, i dont know if it has to do with the mix of flavors and chemicals occuring in the mouth but yes, even if you’re a non menthol smoker, keep around a pack of menthols for cannabis occasions and you won’t regret it! these are pretty much the only menthols i will keep around because i actually enjoyed the flavor and smokeability of these. first menthol i bought were the blend no 54 and these are way different from those. tastes like a camel crush when you crush the bead. anyway, definately recommended if you like menthols and want something new and light or just want to try menthols. good gateway menthol if you’re accustomed to normal cigs

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