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    Register your card now at

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Shop Marlboro Property Tax Reward program?
    This program provides property tax incentives for Marlboro residents to keep their purchasing dollars for goods and services in Marlboro. To our knowledge the program is the first of its kind in the United States! It was developed in furtherance of Mayor Hornik s Plan for Progress in Marlboro.

    How does the program work?
    When you purchase goods or services from a participating Marlboro business, you will receive a credit toward your annual property tax bill. The program is open to all property owners in Marlboro Township.

    Example The price of your dinner for four people at a restaurant that is participating in the Shop Marlboro program with a 20% program rebate is $200. When paying the bill (either cash or credit card), just present your Shop Marlboro card, which is then swiped. Thereafter, $40 (less third party program management and processing fees) will be applied as a credit against your annual property tax bill. Annually, when the Township issues its next property tax bill the cumulative transactions will show up as a tax credit, thereby reducing your tax due.

    How much will it cost to register for the Shop Marlboro Property Tax Reward Program and to obtain the cards?
    Nothing! It is free to Township residents. The cost to produce the initial batch of 30,000 Shop Marlboro swipe cards was borne solely by Investors Bank. THANK YOU INVESTORS BANK!!

    Where do I obtain a Shop Marlboro Property Tax Reward Card and how do I enroll in the Program?
    The cards are being distributed at Marlboro Day by our hard working Teen Advisory Committee (TAC). Additional cards will be available at Marlboro Day at the booths of the Economic Development Committee and Investors Bank. After Marlboro Day, cards will be available at Town Hall or at the Investors Bank Union Hill branch.

    Upon receipt, be sure to immediately register your card online at so that you can begin to reap the rewards of the program. Every time a card that is linked to your block/lot is swiped at a participating merchant, you receive a credit toward your tax bill! In theory, you and your family could spend enough in Town over the course of the year to pay your property taxes in full!

    How do I keep track of my tax credits accumulated under this Program?
    After you register your card you may check your balance on line at .

    How do I determine which Marlboro based businesses are participating in the Program?
    You can view the most recent list of participating businesses on line at . PLEASE CHECK BACK FREQUENTLY AS NEW BUSINESSES ARE SIGNING UP FOR THE PROGRAM EVERY DAY. Tell your favorite merchant to join the Shop Marlboro Property Tax Reward Program by contacting Fincredit, which is the Program Administrator, at (732)946 0919, or via email atadmin Note that participating businesses will also likely display the logo for the Shop Marlboro Tax Reward Program in its window or somewhere visible at the business location.

    What is the percentage that each participating business agrees to contribute towards the Program?
    It varies. Each business will establish its own participation percentage as it deems appropriate for its own business, but you can always see that amount on line at .

    My taxes are paid by my mortgage company. Does that affect my ability to benefit from the Program?
    No. You will benefit in the same manner as people who pay their taxes directly to the Township. When your mortgage company receives the annual municipal tax bill it will reflect your credits earned under the program. Your mortgage company should adjust your escrow and monthly payment accordingly.

    What about returns and refunds?
    No problem! Returns are subject to the normal return policy of the business from where you purchased goods or services. When returning an item simply present the Shop Marlboro Property Tax Reward Card along with your receipt. Your tax credit will be reversed for the refunded transaction.

    Can I use a coupon in conjunction with the program?
    This is entirely dependent upon the policies of the business establishment. As with all coupons and discounts, restrictions may apply. Please check with the participating business for their policy.

    What happens if I am registered but do not have my card with me at the time of purchase?
    In most instances the Fincredit system will allow you to provide your registered phone number and still obtain the tax credit even without the card. However, it is up to the merchant. A merchant may decide to disable this feature to avoid potential fraud. You must present your card to process refund and void transactions.

    What if I have more questions about the Shop Marlboro Property Tax Reward Program?

    All of your questions will be happily answered by Fincredit, the Program Administrator, which you can reach by phone at (732) 946 0919 or via email at admin

    Please remember to always .