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Cigarette smoking can be one of the worst habits one can ever pick up. But, if you do smoke and are wondering what the new Marlboro special blend cigarettes are all about here is a review for you. Being a smoker who normally smokes Parliament Lights, I was annoyed when I found out the price on my brand went up. I decided to look around and see if I could find a cigarette that had the taste and kick that Parliament lights provides with a lower cost. I tried many brands trying to find the perfect blend and was left dissatisfied. Then I stumbled across Marlboro Special Blend cigarettes which are a new cigarette just added to the Marlboro line. I was able to purchase a pack for fewer than five dollars and this is what I found out.

Marlboro Special Blend cigarettes are the new blend of cigarettes that Marlboro has just introduced this year. They come in a red box for those who enjoy full flavor and a gold box for those who like light cigarettes. Marlboro cigarettes are manufactured by Philip Morris USA which is located in Richmond, Virginia. The box contains twenty class A cigarettes and is found in a hard pack. I am not sure if they have made soft pack yet, I have not seen that option available in my area. Remember smoking does cause Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema and may complicate pregnancy, so don’t start smoking and if you do it’s best to stop. For more information on Marlboro Special Blend cigarettes you can visit

When purchasing a new brand of cigarettes you are always taking a gamble. Many smokers are partial to one brand of cigarettes and most other brands are not nearly as satisfying. This is why I wrote this review to share with you what I thought about Marlboro Special Blend cigarettes. The pack of Marlboro Special Blend looks very similar to the box of Marlboro Lights. The only difference is that it does not say lights and says Special Blend instead. The cigarettes have a white filter just like the Marlboro Lights cigarettes. When lighting a Marlboro Special Blend cigarette they burn about the same as a regular Marlboro Light. The first thing I noticed about these cigarettes was the pleasant and smooth taste. They almost have a sweet taste to them. They pack a lot of flavor for being a mild cigarette. I have now switched over to Marlboro Special Blend enjoying the savings and a good quality cigarette.

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I smoked regular Marlboro Lights and Camel Lights for years and years and one day decided to switch to a menthol. My fianc e smokes Marlboro Menthol and has since the day I met him and I decided to try them. They are not my taste so I tried Salem lights and Marlboro Light Menthols and Camel Crush and really could not find a light menthol that I could stick with. A friend of mine smokes Smooth and I was at the store buying us both cigs and the store was out of Marlboro Menthol Lights so I bought Smooth too. I’ve been smoking nothing but these for the past year and a half. By far the best menthol and best cig ever!!!! They are not too strong but i have noticed that if I bum a red menthol from my fiancee they seem really weak and the flavor is not good. I’ve tried the Skyline when Smooth are out and they are terrible. The cashiers swear Skyline compares but they don’t even come close. If my regular store is out of Smooth I go to the next store until I find them and I won’t smoke the Smooth 100s. As long as I continue to smoke these are the brand I buy. The smell is perfect the flavor is unmatched and I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a great menthol cig. Marlboro has definitely done a great job with this one.

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