Menthol cigarettes

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Cigarettes (

Yesterday, New York raised the tax on cigarettes by $1.25. With the previous taxes, the city tax of $1.25, and the variable pricing one sees at retail outlets around the city, people are now paying somewhere between $8 and $12 for a pack of cigarettes in NYC. Some smokers are understandably upset about the price but how does it compare to other enjoyments? If smoking a single cigarette takes five minutes and at $10 & 20 cigarettes per pack, smoking costs a smoker $6/hour. Some other NYC diversions, priced roughly by the hour

Ice skating in Central Park $4.25/hr
Yankees game (cheap seats) $5/hr
Smoking $6/hr
Visit to MoMA $8/hr
After work drinks $10/hr
Movie w/popcorn & soda $11/hr
Dinner McDonald’s $11/hr
Dinner Daniel $85/hr
Helicopter tour of NYC $600/hr
Spitzer grade call girl $1000 /hr

For reference, NY State minimum wage is $7.15/hr. (Digg this?)

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  1. l bias or inexperience. I’m just about as experienced as can be, and my reviews are written in the most honest, objective way possible. There are many different electronic cigarette brands, that you can choose from. This is a good thing, because just like regular tobacco products have different bran

    • pretty cheap compared to regular stores. I think most smoke shops in general will have lower prices than say Wal mart. Another thing I know people have done is to buy the large cans of tobacco and papers and roll their own. I believe filters are also available for those people that do roll them. Als

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