Mep fighting back over eu plans for e-cigarettes

We demand a referendum now MEP Nikki Sinclaire, has openly criticised proposals made in the Tobacco Products Directive, as they could lead to too many regulations causing possible bans.

All electronic Cigarettes that are currently on sale in Britain would be banned and removed from shop shelves under the new European Union proposals. A document drafted by the European Commission is seeking to overturn a vote by MEP S that rejected outlawing them in their present form. Officials from Brussels have controversially said that electronic cigarettes can develop into a gateway to normal cigarettes , and want to include them in a new EU tobacco products directive, despite them containing no tobacco.

These proposals have angered suppliers, MEPS such as Nikki Sinclaire and users of the e cigs where 1.3 million of 10 million smokers in Britain have switched to the tobacco free devices.

Miss Sinclaire commented saying although the TPD aims to discourage younger people from smoking and looks to make smoking less attractive, an affective ban on e cigarettes would actually push many of the vapers to start smoking traditional cigarettes again . Miss sinclaire also said thousands of upon thousands of e Cigarette users have contacted me in despair at the thought of e cigarettes been taken off the market .

It appears once again decisions being made behind closed doors in Brussels, are drafting proposals that could deny millions of people of existing and former smokers the access to a far safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. E cigarettes are almost universally considered a healthier alternative to their tobacco counterparts, despite this officials in Brussels want to change Electronic cigarettes are a tobacco related product and should be regulated within this directive . Because e cigarettes contain no tobacco they are currently outside the EU law and are more or less unregulated in Britain and outside Europe.

E cigarettes consist of a battery, a cartridge containing nicotine, a solution of propylene glycol or glycerine mixed with water, and a atomiser to turn the solution into vapour, the nicotine is delivered without a flame and without tobacco or tar and is described as vaping rather than smoking.

Conservative MP Martin Callanan also commented Forcing e cigarettes off the shelves would be crazy. It would remove a valuable support for people desperate to stop smoking and thus could potentially lead to needless deaths.

The EU commission proposals would ban by 2017 e cigarettes that produce levels of nicotine above 20mg per ml. Suppliers and experts say that all e cigarettes currently available would fall foul of the prohibition. forums

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