More Cigarettes As A New Innovative Design

more-int-mentholThe More brand is property of the company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, which started with their production in 1975. Originally, this was a universal brand for both male and female smokers, but then the scope definitely shifted to smoking ladies. These cigarettes are surely preferred by ladies who have good taste and enjoy the menthol aroma of this brand. The distribution of this brand is now not limited to just one company as the manufacturer grants this right to other companies on the contract basis under the trademark More International as well.

After their appearance in Oklahoma City in 1974, these cigarettes were successfully promoted by means of efficient advertising, presenting a beautiful lady with a slender brown cigarette in one hand. These cigarettes are called “More” as they were produced to give smokers much more than they expected.

Do not hesitate to purchase the More brand as these cigarettes will let you enjoy the incredible and nice flavor. When purchasing the More cigarettes, you will be convinced in their top quality.

This brand has some subcategories such as More Red 120, More Menthol 120, More Filters, More Balanced Blue, More Subtle Silver, More Fine White. As for the basic peculiarity, the 120mm length was the innovation that was later adopted by other producers as well. More cigarettes are also distributed online in many varieties, which are full-flavor and menthol-based. These varieties show very distinctive features.

For example, More cigarettes online are more lengthened and slenderer than other cigarettes. The “Lights” version can be brown- or white-colored, 120mm or 100 mm long. More cigarettes attract customers with their outer view and flavor. Smokers will enjoy seeing their nice shape and breathing their excellent aroma. There is something in these cigarettes what reminds cigars. Well, consumers are truly pleased with them.

The initial More cigarettes are fully brown-colored, have a mild flavor and nice scent. Well, their success is explained with the following reasons:

Consumers remark the similarity of the More cigarettes color and essential color of tobacco leaves (it makes similar to cigar color). Looks like that such color impresses smokers to try these cigarettes.
Unusual color can be regarded as a promise of unusual taste. Smokers can be firstly amazed with a cigarette outlook and then this impression is confirmed with the smoke flavor.
The flavor and color of More cigarettes are balancing the attraction. Smokers are completely satisfied when they buy these cigarettes against moderate prices.