More cigarettes indicate tobacco strength

More cigarettesMore cigarettes brand are one of the first cigarettes of 120 mm format  which appeared in the domestic market.

Also unusual length for that time, filter of cigarettes was made of paper, dark brown in color, plus a menthol version. All this contributed to the creation of the image of «elite» component of the brand.

This brand was first introduced in 1975 in the USA by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the second largest US tobacco company. More cigarettes brand became the first success of 120 mm format.

They filled the niche between cigars and cigarettes. Due to brown paper More cigarettes were like a cigar and were stronger than the existent cigarettes at that time.

At the moment, the brand includes all kinds of popular formats of cigarettes. Analyzing the product line of the brand it can be said that the company’s goal is not so much to gain significant market share, as the designation of the brand’s presence in popular segments.

It should be noted that the range of More cigarettes is not uniform in quality. If More cigarettes of 120 mm can still be classified as above average, so it is a moot point concerning the rest of the production. Anyway, it is cheap, even in comparison with More cigarettes of 120mm.

With regard to the titles, everything happens according to the classical scheme. The color design of pack of red, blue and gray colors indicates tobacco strength. Titles are also relevant: Red, Blue and Silver.

In order to specify the format of Slims there is used a phrase — Cruise Compact (analogue of Demi Nano in other brands).

There are used filters from cellulose acetate fibers. According to the manufacturer for the production of filters there are applied f laser stamps that protect against forgery and guarantee high-quality production.