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2014 will be a great, wonderful year for the electronic cigarette industry. No less than the big players in the smoking industry are mulling about throwing in money to produce their own versions of electronic cigarettes. They might come up with their own versions but it will need time before they can actualize sales and therefore, as a retailer or a distributor, you should focus on the brands that are already available in the market. Focus your energy on the following promising brands for 2014.

Green Smoke

The Green Smoke brand s big advantage over others is its powerful presence online. Because of this, many online distributors and retailers are offering Green Smoke electronic cigarettes with discounts for a minimum purchase. In 2014, the company is planning to attract even more online retailers to make their products more and more visible. Expect prices to take a dip some more for those who are tight on the budget.

When buying online, make sure that you sacrifice a little of your time to find the most pocket friendly deal. The savings that you will be able to make will allow you to easily bag in more sticks on your next purchase. But whether you chance upon the most affordable deal or not, you will not regret exchanging your money with the cigarettes from this brand. You ll get more for your money if your priority is flavor and vapor.


The best thing about the EverSmoke electronic cigarettes is they come in 10 different flavors with each one carrying a unique, distinct tobacco taste. If you are more interested with e cigar pieces that provide excellent tobacco flavors rather than fruity flavors, EverSmoke is your brand.

The other advantage that will surely help the brand soar in 2014 is the convenient way with which its cigarettes can be used. The design is not the usual design that connects three pieces. This means that EverSmoke electronic cigarettes are easy to use cigarettes. Additionally, the cigarettes come with a carrying case that can be used as a charger for used cigarettes. If you are someone who is up and about most of the time, you will surely find a friend in EverSmoke cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke

Consistency of smoke is an issue that is important to every smoker. The silicone tip of the South Beach Smoke cigarettes allows an even flow of smoke from tip to tip. If you are someone who wants to get the most of every mouthful of smoke from electronic cigarettes, you have to go with this brand for 2014. The latest reviews are agog about the anti leak advantage of this brand and many experts of the industry are predicting that this thing will surely cause the brand to make a big leap this year.

Another big thing to note about this brand is that the atomizer and the cartridge are joined in one piece. This means that every time the cartridge is replaced, the atomizer has to be replaced also. Thus, compared to other brands, the heating element of South Beach Smoke cigarettes is most of the time fresh.


If it is customized cigarettes that you are looking for, the VaporZone electronic cigarettes can give you what you want. 2014 will see more and more customers asking for their preference in shopping experience, clothing, furniture, gadgets, etc. Customization will be one feature retailers will have to focus on and if you are the type who wants to concoct your own flavors, you can surely get satisfaction from this brand s cigarettes. The company has a huge selection of e juice flavors, which allows users to mix and match flavors until they come up with a flavor that will satiate what their tongue is looking for.

If you are a seller, you will have to adjust to customer preference to take a big share of customer money. Conduct your own investigation about differing customer tastes and try to come up with some good mixtures that you can suggest to your own customers. A mixture with a part from cocoa juice and another part from chocolate to suggest to some customers might just keep them coming back.

V2 Cigs

You may have the four brands mentioned above to display on your website shelves, but your display is not complete until you have the electronic cigarettes from the V2 Cigs brand. Business insiders are buzzing that this brand has the biggest performance in 2013 and there s little chance that the brand is going low in its performance for 2014. The company is boasting of their Alexa rating.

Further, the company is shipping worldwide and is offering buyers of electronic cigarettes a 30 day money back guarantee. They are also referring rewards for large purchases and referrals to friends and relatives. If you have a chance to really try out something from this company, try their RED variant. This variant is getting rave reviews.

France, land of gauloises, eyes no-brand cigarettes

PARIS (Reuters) France is considering a move to brandless packets to curb smoking, instituting one of the world’s toughest anti tobacco policies in the home of chain smoking singer Serge Gainsbourg and no filter Gauloises cigarettes.

Health Minister Marisol Touraine is due to present a law next month that would stop cigarette manufacturers from printing their distinctive logos on packages, Le Figaro newspaper reported on Friday.

Plain packaging, with the cigarette brand written in small lettering under a graphic health warning, would be among a raft of radical measures to curb smoking, including a ban on using e cigarettes, or «vaping», in public places, Le Figaro said.

Australia pioneered plain packaging for cigarettes in 2012 and Britain, New Zealand and Ireland all plan similar bans.

In a statement, France’s Health Ministry said it was studying several options to curb smoking.

«We are far from the point of taking any decisions and no particular course of action has been determined so far,» the ministry said.

With its cafe culture and chain smoking Nouvelle Vague movie stars, France earned a reputation as a smokers’ paradise after World War Two. Iconic dark tobacco brands like Gitanes, favoured by Gainsbourg, who smoked up to five packs a day, and Gauloises, preferred by philosopher Jean Paul Sartre, grew hugely popular, in part thanks to their stylish packaging.

While the reputation sticks, smoking rates in France have since plummeted. Less than a third of the population now lights up regularly, which is about average for the European Union and down sharply from nearly 60 percent in the 1960s.

Tough anti tobacco laws were introduced in 1991 which banned smoking in public places, forced cigarette manufacturers to display health warnings on packets and forbade large scale advertising on billboards and TV.

Advocates of plain packaging argue that stripping packets of eye catching logos is effective in reducing smoking among young people. Currently, one in three French people aged 15 to 19 is a smoker, according to the Health Ministry.

As French smoking rates have declined, so has the country’s once vibrant tobacco industry. The state owned Seita brand that produced Gauloises and Gitanes was bought by Britain’s Imperial Tobacco in 2008, and much of its production moved abroad.

In April, Imperial Tobacco announced the closure of the largest Gauloise cigarette factory in France, prompting the factory’s 327 workers to go on strike and hold five managers hostage on the worksite, near Nantes, this week. ID nL6N0N61RK

The managers were released on Thursday after a day of captivity.

(Reporting by Nicholas Vinocur Editing by Catherine Evans)