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Sell Remy Brand Cigarettes Made In USA
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Description New York brand and Remy brand class ‘a’ filter tip cigarettes. Length 84mm (king size), flip top box, usa surgeon generals health warning, product made in usa.. Packed 20 cigarettes per pack,10 packs per carton,50 cartons per master case (mc) (export packing), and 960 master case per 40′ container. All products are guaranteed fresh, payment via letter of credit or t/t deposit. Product shipped no later than 30 days after lc (normally less, faster if using tt deposit payment method). New york cigarettes $150 usd per mc cif (export from usa only) Remy cigarettes $150 usd per mc cif (export from usa only) Remy 100mm mini cigars $200 usd per mc cif (export from usa only) Additional information, specifications & tar and nicotine content New york & remy brand tar and nicotine levels. 83mm crushproof box full flavor & menthol Cigarette length 83mm Road length 62 mm Filter length 21 mm Cigarette circumference 24.4 mm Tar 13 15 mg. Per cigarette Nicotine .8 .95mg per cigarette 83 mm crush proof box lights Cigarette length 83mm Rod length 56mm Filter length 27mm Cigarette circumference 24.4mm Tar 8.5 10.5mg per cigarette Nicotine .6. .75mg per cigarette 84mm soft pack full flavor & menthol Cigarette length 84mm Rod length 63mm Filter length 21mm Cigarette circumference 24.75mm Tar 13 15mg per cigarette Nicotine .8 .95mg per cigarette 84mm soft pack lights Cigarette length 84mm Rod length 57mm Filter length 21mm Cigarette circumference 24.75 Tar 8.5 10.5mg per cigarette Nicotine .6 .75mg. Per cigarette Also Remy premium little cigars 100mm, flip top box, filtered, premium packaging. Brown filter with tobacco paper rod Made in usa Premium blend of american tobaccos Flavors Full flavor, lights, menthol, cherry, vanilla (sweet or un sweet) We are willing to change tar and nicotine if necessary. All tobacco is usa grown in north carolina, kentucky, & virginia. If interested in distribution area and importing, we are willing to adjust the tar and nicotine levels via blend, if required for import or to your specification or preference. We are also willing to change package text if required to comply with country import regulations (health warning) etc. We are also willing to work with you on initial orders on the price offer to assist you. If you have an interest, feel free to contact us. Please visit our websites In regards to sample, we’d be happy to send you samples. Please provide your full shipping address along with your dhl, fedex, or other express courier number. We’re happy to provide samples and examples of promotional materials but we no longer cover the shipping cost for sample requests. Note Brokers/distributors/clients that wish samples shipped to any african country must purchase a minimum order of one pallet that will be shipped air freight (we simply can’t afford the fraudulent requests for samples from africa anymore, we apologize) Distribution areas available for established distributors/wholesalers/duty free operations.

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