Newport Cigarettes – menthol-based dream of American smokers

newport-mentholThe Newport cigarettes appeared in 1957. This is a menthol-type brand produced by Lorillard Tobacco Company of Newport, Rhode Island, United States. The sales rates of Newport cigarettes share nearly 35 percent of the menthol cigarette market in the United States. The Newports capture a sufficient part of the African-American consumers. As per the report published in 2005, 49.5% of cigarettes purchased by African Americans are namelt the Newports.

While these cigarettes were introduced to the market, they were white-filtered and mint-tasted. The production of Newports with these features was stopped in 1969 when white filters were exchanged with usual ones. The Newport Classic full flavor cigarettes were promoted during a long time as special cigarettes, letting the consumers «Enjoy the full-aroma menthol and simultaneously a pure tobacco flavor.» In later 1980s, Newports were successfully promoted among African-Americans, living in towns and cities. Just two years later, Newports had occupied the fifth place in the popular cigarettes market. A review published in 2004 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation revealed that percent rates of Newport-smoking teenagers were sufficiently increased in the period of 1989-1996. The sudies of Karen Gerlach revealed that Newports had during this period won a great part of Hispanic and White American smoking teenagers.

The Newports are well-known owing to the refreshing menthol flavor and amazing impressions. Are you sure you already know everything about these cigarettes? You maybe know that they are very exprensive, at least in the USA. Despite, they are still a preference of African-American consumers and not only theirs. Newports include a great nicotine content, which was lifted up to 10%. This is a cause of this cigarette unique flavor.

The Newports are a preference of outstanding rappers, for instance, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Three 6 Mafia and others.

The package of each variety is the same as that of usual menthol-type Newport cigarettes. An exception is the turquoise-colored zone, which is red-colored for the Full Flavors and mustard-yellow for the Lights.

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