No more underage e-cigarette buying in north texas city « cbs dallas / fort worth

ROCKWALL (CBS 11 NEWS) Without federal or state regulations on electronic cigarettes, the Rockwall City Council took matters into its own hands Monday voting to ban the sale of all e cigarette items to minors.

Rockwall City Councilmember Scott Milder said he was surprised to learn recently it was legal to sell e cigarettes to minors. With three e cigarette stores opening in the past eight months in Rockwall, he said the city could not afford to wait on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to set regulations.

It just doesn t make sense that we as a city would allow them to sell such a product to our minors, he said.

Even before Monday s vote, the owners of Rockwall VaporStop had a policy to not sell products with nicotine to minors.

«We really don’t want to see kids doing it because that kind of puts a bad image on it, said Jake Wright of Rockwall VaporStop. We don’t want it to look like it s a fun thing to do rather than people trying to quit smoking cigarettes.»

Wright said his clients are almost exclusively smokers who are trying to quit.

Many stores have similar polices restricting minors from purchasing e cigarettes.

However, Milder said despite these policies, he said with flavors ranging from bubblegum to cotton candy he believes e cigarettes are being targeted to teenagers.

Milder recently sent his 14 year old into a vapor store to prove his point.

He came out with a small bottle of vapor liquid in gummy bear flavor, said Milder. I don’t know any adults that are going into a store looking for gummy bear flavor of anything.»

Milder said even though the liquid his son purchased did not contain nicotine he said it s still encouraging a bad habit.

It s a gateway product, he said, And we just don t need that.

Tuesday, the City of Frisco will discuss passing a similar ordinance banning the sale of e cigarettes to minors.

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