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Since its inception, R1 cigarettes have been positioned as light, with a minimum content of harmful substances. Several decades after its inception, the tobacco brand has not changed its original traditions — every year the branded R1 cigarettes are getting better and better.

The target audience of the manufacturer is female.
The strong point of R1 cigarettes is the successful combination of different varieties of tobacco in a classic American blend, which is used as a filler. In the production process, high-quality frozen tobacco varieties «Oriental», «Virginia» and «Burley» are used.

The accents are set in such a way as to achieve a minimum tar and nicotine content in tobacco products. Most of the manufacturer’s batches contain no more than 1 mg of tar and only 0.1 mg of dangerous nicotine in each cigarette!

A distinctive feature of the brand is the ease with which a cigarette is smoked. Thin, graceful cigarettes allow you to take a deep inhale to experience the piquancy of flavors. The full-aroma flavor pairs surprisingly well with a soft, light diffused smoke. The cigarette format is geared towards health-conscious smokers.

Despite the fact that the brand is positioned as a woman’s, it is in demand among men who want to quit smoking.
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In 2005, the R1 cigarettes brand won the Best Creative Work in Cigarette Advertising nomination. R1 cigarettes are predominantly female. They are long, thin, their taste is light, and their design is distinguished by sophistication and sophistication. R1 modifications differ in their taste, but most versions contain only 0.1 mg nicotine and 1 mg. tar for 1 cigarette. Smokers like this brand of cigarettes, because their lightness does not implore the taste, which remains saturated.

R1 manufacturers in their promotions emphasize the desire to create cigarettes that have a minimum amount of harmful substances, but are distinguished by a rich tobacco taste. Despite its sophistication, R1 cigarettes are in demand not only among women, but also among men who are going to quit smoking.