«marlboro marijuana cigarettes» a hoax

Life The internet was set ablaze over the past few days following a report by Abril Uno that Phillip Morris, the largest producer of cigarettes in the world, would be dabbling marijuana. The company would supposedly be releasing marijuana cigarettes, aptly titled Marlboro M. They would be made available for legal purchase through licensed outlets in the state of Colorado, where it is legal to buy and sell the drug. There’s just one little catch The story is a hoax. One major clue as to the joke should have been the name of the source. Abril Uno translates to «April 1st». Hmm,... Read More.

18 июня, 2014

Future of e-cigarettes in question on european crackdown — bloomberg

Just when smokers thought it was okay to inhale again, a debate over the safety of electronic cigarettes is threatening to cut off their nicotine. Smokeless and odorless e cigarettes are catching on, touted in the U.S. and Europe as less harmful than real ones because they don t contain tar, arsenic and other cancer causing toxins. Yet a U.K. government decision this week to treat the steel tubes as a medicine and a plan by France to ban them from public venues raises questions about what health risks the devices carry. E cigarettes, on the market in the U.S. and Europe since 2006, are battery... Read More.

17 июня, 2014

History of smoking — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the 19th century, smoking opium became common. Previously it had only been eaten, and then primarily for its medical properties. A massive increase in opium smoking in China was more or less directly instigated by the British trade deficit with Qing dynasty China. As a way to amend this problem, the British began exporting large amounts of opium grown in the Indian colonies. The social problems and the large net loss of currency led to several Chinese attempts to stop the imports, which eventually culminated in the First and Second Opium Wars. Opium smoking later spread with Chinese immigrants... Read More.

17 июня, 2014


cigarette production cigarette production Home About Us Company Overview’ ) «> Company Overview How We Operate’ ) «> How We Operate Our Charitable Giving Program’ ) «> Our CharitableGiving Program Corporate Contributions’ ) «> CorporateContributions Our Management’ ) «> Our Management Corporate Governance’ ) «> Corporate Governance Our History’ ) «> Our History Company Overview We are the leading international tobacco company with products sold in over 180 countries. More about our business and performance. How... Read More.

17 июня, 2014

Bbc news — tough eu smoking rules approved

«The new rules will help to reduce the number of people who start smoking in the EU. «These measures put an end to products which entice children and teenagers into starting to smoke in the European Union.» Simon Clark, the director of the pro smoking campaign group Forest, said banning menthol cigarettes was a ban on consumer choice that «will do little» to deter children from smoking. He also questioned the need for plain packaging legislation to remove any branding from packs, which is being considered in some EU countries, including the UK. Uniform or plain packs... Read More.

17 июня, 2014

Howstuffworks «how does smoking starve your heart of oxygen?»

Smoking is one of mankind’s crueler pastimes. You try out cigarettes. You get addicted. You’re unable to stop. Eventually, it’s likely that cigarettes kill you. In the United States alone, more than 25 million men and 20 million women smoke. That’s 24 and 21 percent of the entire population source American Heart Association . What does this mean? That a lot of people are starving their hearts of the one thing it needs to function oxygen. We all know that our bodies need oxygen, but some of us may not really understand what that means. So here’s a little respiratory... Read More.

17 июня, 2014

Winston cigarettes online — $16.60 per carton! order today while supplies last!

Winston cigarettes are one of the most recognizable American cigarette brands that ever existed on tobacco market. Due to its fascinating smoke and unique flavor this cig brand has been occupying one of the leading places in the international cigarette market beginning with its appearance in cigarette stores. Even its brand name had a gorgeous significance. Winston comes from Old Saxon «wynn» that means «good» or «beautiful» and «stoon» meaning «town» or «place». It’s believed that personal name can influence own destiny. Perhaps... Read More.

16 июня, 2014

Kool (cigarette) — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

All Kool cigarettes are menthol flavored. Kool Filter Kings (Full Flavor) (Kings) Soft, Box Kool Super Longs (Full Flavor) (100’s) Soft, Box Kool Blue (Milds) Kings and 100’s Box Kool XL (Wides) Green (Full Flavor) Kings Box Kool XL (Wides) Blue (Milds) Kings Box Kool Freezing Point Kool Midnight Blast Kool Mild Marketing edit Kool cigarette advertising began with the character of «Willie» the penguin who was portrayed as several different professions, among which were a doctor, a soldier and a chef. In the early 1960s, the image of the cartoon penguin was no longer used,... Read More.

16 июня, 2014

Uk puts new restrictions on e-cigarettes — european lung foundation[uk]

The regulations on e cigarettes vary considerably between countries. In some countries, such as New Zealand, e cigarettes are regulated as medicines and can only be purchased in pharmacies. In other countries, including Denmark, Canada and Australia, they are subject to restrictions on sale, import and marketing. Complete bans are in place in Brazil, Norway and Singapore. The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency says it will regulate e cigarettes as medicines when new European tobacco laws come into force. Jeremy Mean of the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency... Read More.

16 июня, 2014

Where can i buy electronic cigarettes in the uk?

Where can I buy electronic cigarettes in the UK? It is quite easy to buy electronic cigarettes in the UK these days. You can find them sold at a growing number of local establishments such as pubs, chemists or newsagents for example. Many e smokers in the UK are more comfortable with buying electronic cigarettes on line, because it may very well be the more convenient option. Buying e cigs on line is not difficult at all, and there are a lot of stores where e cigs can be purchased from. Just look at the VAPESTICK models, for instance. There are several different VAPESTICK models to choose from,... Read More.

16 июня, 2014