Are cell phones, grid the next cigarettes? — sfgate

Cell phones have become ubiquitous in society, especially in California, where 30 percent of the population relies exclusively on cell phones for communication, double the national average. California teenagers are notoriously hooked on them, using them to talk, type, take photos, record videos and listen to music. Like cigarettes, unfortunately, there may be a dark side to cell phones. As many as 9 million people in the United States 3 percent of the population may have severe reactions to electromagnetic fields (EMF), an invisible force that some scientists claim will greatly shorten life spans.... Read More.

20 мая, 2014

When you live in lisbon: leaving your pack of cigarettes on top of a table…

Show more notesLoading… Cartomizer improves electronic cigarettes — Posted by ecigpl on August 22, 2013 Under Cartomizer Info Cartomizers are the main component part of the recent electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are gadgets that have a cylindrical shape in imitation of regular cigarettes. Electrical cigarettes utilize the use of heat or ultrasonics to vaporize a glycerin based or propylene liquid solution in order to turn it into a vapor or mist that is inhaled by the user. There are abundant advantages of smoking electronic cigarettes that particularly make use of cartomizers.... Read More.

20 мая, 2014

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20 мая, 2014

How contraband cigarettes came to flourish in the heart of europe

BERLIN One of the competitors of the global cigarette giant Imperial Tobacco is hanging out near a discount mart on Landsberger Allee. His clothing is torn. He&#146 s small and wiry his eyes are mistrustful. He holds a plastic bag. &#147 There&#146 s one of our friends, right there,&#148 says Bernd, spotting the Vietnamese man through the car window. As he gets out of the car and heads towards him, the man hurriedly moves away and disappears around the corner, mobile phone clamped to his ear. &#147 Now the other guys know we&#145 re here,&#148 Bernd says, lighting... Read More.

20 мая, 2014

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20 мая, 2014

What about electronic cigarettes? aren’t they safe?

Electronic cigarettes or e cigarettes are designed to look like cigarettes, right down to the glowing tip. When the smoker puffs on it, the system delivers a mist of liquid, flavorings, and nicotine that looks something like smoke. The smoker inhales it like cigarette smoke, and the nicotine is absorbed into the lungs. The e cigarette is usually sold as a way for a smoker to get nicotine in places where smoking is not allowed. Some people think they can be used to help people give up tobacco. The makers of e cigarettes say that the ingredients are «safe,» but this only means the ingredients... Read More.

20 мая, 2014

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20 мая, 2014

Caught on video: belmont burglars steal thousands in cigarettes « cbs san francisco

BELMONT (KPIX 5) Police in Belmont are searching for a group of burglars who stole thousands of dollars in cigarettes in a smash and grab caught on surveillance camera. According to police, the two burglars use a concrete block to break through the front door of a Walgreens early Friday morning. The video shows the thieves hopping over the counter. Then the thieves are spotted grabbing rows and rows of cigarette cartons and emptying them into black trash bags. Even after one of the thieves runs off, the video shows the other thief picking up leftover cigarettes. Both thieves escaped through the... Read More.

20 мая, 2014

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20 мая, 2014

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19 мая, 2014