Benson and Hedges — aroma of delicate taste

Benson and Hedges - aroma of delicate taste

Benson and Hedges is an English brand of cigarettes promoted by Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco. In the UK, they were initially rolled in Old Bond Street in London. They were prevalently produced by using the Virginia tobacco sorts. In the 1930s, the Benson and Hedges Ltd was founded by Abraham Wix. This branch was purchased by the British American Tobacco in 1956. Today, the British American Tobacco markets the Benson and Hedges cigarettes throughout Asia and the Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand, yet except for Taiwan and the Philippines. The... Read More.

21 ноября, 2016

Pall Mall Cigarettes — get closer to the whole variety of Pall Malls

Pall Mall cigarettes appeared in the market in 1899, when they were firstly launched by the Butler and Butler Company. The decision how to name the trademark was not occasional. It alludes to an old rugby-like English amusement, which portrayal can be deciphered as a «ball-and-sledge». Consequently, these cigarettes were at first showcased as an improved and advanced brand and the true British-style cigarettes. Nowadays, the rights on production of these cigarettes are possessed by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company for promoting them in the USA and the British American Tobacco bunch for... Read More.

16 ноября, 2016

Glamour Cigarettes — improve your life

Glamour Cigarettes - improve your life

All women are a symbol of a delight of the world and smoking women are a special case. All what they need is a brand, giving them a chance to express their appeal and magnificence. An amazingly-looking woman, spreading decent smell of intriguing smoke, well, it is pompous, would you say it isn’t? In case that you need to have such an appeal, opt for Glamour cigarettes that are an exquisite brand for rich women. Glamour cigarettes are a blessing made for smoking women of the whole world by the UK tobacco main player Gallaher Group. This organization won prominence by delivering world-celebrated... Read More.

14 ноября, 2016

555 cigarettes – a multi-faceted brand

555 State Express cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes produced by the British American Tobacco. This company began its activity in 1915 and today it is the second most prominent trademark in Asia, yielding the palm just to such a notable tobacco mammoth as Philip Morris International. The 555 State Express cigarettes are especially favored in China and Malaysia, where BAT holds a main position. Additionally, the Indonesian President Sukarno was exceptionally enamored with these cigarettes. 555 State Express tobacco items got to be acclaimed basically, because of their sponsorship exercises. For... Read More.

11 ноября, 2016

Cigarettes online — patterns in the Number of Internet Cigarette Vendors

In the course of recent years, there was a generous increment in the quantity of merchants who promote cigarettes online. The scientists used the data of complete web seeking in order to evaluate the quantity of Internet sellers. Ribisl and associates (2001) utilized an institutionalized seeking convention whereby information authorities physically entered a few pursuit strings (e.g., rebate cigarettes, tax-exempt cigarettes) into different web search tools (Ribisl et al. 2001Of the 338 destinations found in 2003, 266 (78.7 percent) were residential, 34 (10.1 percent) were outside the United States,... Read More.

9 ноября, 2016

Viceroy Cigarettes – one of the crucial world brands

Cigarettes are currently the most common form of tobacco products. Cigarettes have gained popularity due to their convenience — they are always with us, and do not require complex procedures in order to smoke them. Cigarettes are simply here to be support us in any situation of our life. In addition, the strength of the cigarettes is usually optimal to deeply inhale them, and getting maximum pleasure from smoking. Viceroy cigarettes are the cigarettes that are proud to exist during many years of rich history. 65 years ago, Viceroy Brand started to be produced in the US, and this brand is... Read More.

8 ноября, 2016

Kent Cigarettes – hit of the tobacco world

Kent brand is one artful culmination of the world driving tobacco producer, British American Tobacco (BAT), which is the second biggest tobacco company on the planet. The BAT delivers globally the legitimate and mainstream cigarette brands alike Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Vogue, Viceroy, Dunhill and obviously Kent. When delivering such a variety of extraordinary cigarette brands, it was not any astonishing news that Kent cigarettes got to be celebrated in a brief timeframe. Kent cigarettes brand got its name from Mr. Herbert Kent who was a previous CEO of the Lorillard Tobacco Company and was named... Read More.

7 ноября, 2016

555 cigarettes – traditional cigarettes of the British style

British cigarettes State Express 555 are the legend of the tobacco product world. Since many decades, this brand remains popular among smokers all over the world. The reason of the success of the cigarettes State Express 555 is a unique blend of several tobacco varieties and continuous improvement. The Cigarettes State Express 555 appeared in Great Britain. In 1925, the brand was sold to a major tobacco corporation «British American Tobacco». This brand was peculiar and was distributed on the territories of the USA, China, Brazil, Belgium, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore,... Read More.

2 ноября, 2016

Buy cigarettes online — a wide selection of the appropriate tobacco products

Buy cigarettes online - a wide selection of the appropriate tobacco products

Every reliable online tobacco store expands its opportunities for its clients for them to buy cigarettes online. From now on, every smoker, no matter where he/she is, has an opportunity to buy cigarettes from around the world online. The specially designed websites with a wide selection of the appropriate tobacco products enable smokers to browse in the catalog at any time get acquainted with the characteristics of distributed cigarettes and, consequently, place orders of cigarettes, paying with their credit cards. Of course, such news cannot help rejoicing because this method of ordering tobacco... Read More.

31 октября, 2016

Cheap cigarettes- explore the phenomenon of strong cigarettes

Cigarettes, cheap ones, demonstrate an essential part of our day by day schedule. They are simply something more than conventionally favored items obtained and a while later utilized as this is their definitive point. They imply the new options and routine signal of smoking requested by present day life. Cheap cigarettes are organized in classes as per the volume of tar and nicotine added to cigarettes and their flavor, which can be usual, enhanced and with the taste of menthol. On the off chance that investigating cheap strong cigarettes as a specific unit, we can infer that they contain from... Read More.

24 октября, 2016