Marlboro marketing campaign aimed at young people, anti-tobacco report says

An advert in Switzerland shows a barefoot young woman on a high parapet overlooking a city as the sun sets. «A Maybe never reached the top», says the caption. «Maybe never wrote a song», runs the caption on another billboard in Germany, beside the picture of a laughing young woman performer, hair dishevelled, cigarette in hand. Other posters show young men riding stunt bikes and motorbikes. Each advert in the «Don’t be a Maybe» campaign ends with the command «Be Marlboro». Anti tobacco campaigners on Wednesday published a report accusing Philip Morris... Read More.

Апрель 30, 2014

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Апрель 30, 2014

Best selling cigarette brand in each country

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Апрель 30, 2014

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Апрель 30, 2014

No longer blowing smoke? e-cigarettes could soon surpass traditional brands

WINSTON SALEM, N.C. When change has come for the tobacco industry during its long history, it usually has arrived at a leisurely pace. Not this time. The crop and products made from it face something that has gutted or transformed many other industries in recent years a disruptive technology. Electronic cigarettes are winning over smokers so quickly that some analysts predict the battery powered newcomer could come out on top of traditional cigarettes within a decade. That s unsettling for the farmers and manufacturers who still make North Carolina the national leader in tobacco production and... Read More.

Апрель 30, 2014

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Апрель 30, 2014

E-cigarettes avoid eu regulation, anti-smoking advocates left fuming

E cigarettes may be on the rise, as the European Parliament just voted not to regulate them like medicine. Last month we wrote about the growing push back domestically against the spread of electronic cigarettes, e cigarettes for short. Cities like New York are considering ways to ban them outright, or at least raise the purchasing age up to 21. And a number of anti tobacco advocates argue that the devices, which vaporize liquid nicotine for inhalation, are less a smoking cessation device than they are a tactic to lure in younger customers. But now, in a move likely to rile up anti smoking... Read More.

Апрель 30, 2014

Electronic cigarette — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Smoking cessation edit The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that the efficacy of electronic cigarettes as an aid in smoking cessation has not been demonstrated. They recommend that «consumers should be strongly advised not to use» electronic cigarettes until a reputable national regulatory body has found them safe and effective. 7 A 2011 review says that electronic cigarettes may aid in smoking cessation and are likely to be more effective than traditional pharmacotherapy, as the physical stimuli of holding and puffing on the electronic cigarette may be better at improving... Read More.

Апрель 30, 2014

Why do so many europeans smoke cigarettes?

While Europe may be different than the United States, its important to realize that America might not be as smoke free as you like to think. According to the American Lung Association (2004), 20% of adults smoke that’s one in five. While you and your peers may consider it an unwelcome habit. If that doesn’t sound like that many, if every two smokers brought only one nonsmoker between the pair to the ballots this year and voted for the same candidate, that candidate would receive the same number of votes as George Bush did in 2004. This not to say that Europeans as a general rule... Read More.

Апрель 30, 2014

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