Why do so many europeans smoke cigarettes?

While Europe may be different than the United States, its important to realize that America might not be as smoke free as you like to think. According to the American Lung Association (2004), 20% of adults smoke that’s one in five. While you and your peers may consider it an unwelcome habit. If that doesn’t sound like that many, if every two smokers brought only one nonsmoker between the pair to the ballots this year and voted for the same candidate, that candidate would receive the same number of votes as George Bush did in 2004. This not to say that Europeans as a general rule... Read More.

30 апреля, 2014

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29 апреля, 2014

Marlboro maker altria jumping into e-cigarettes

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) Tobacco company Altria Group Inc. is launching its first electronic cigarette under the MarkTen brand in Indiana starting in August and expanding its smokeless product offerings. The owner of the nation’s biggest cigarette maker, Philip Morris USA, announced the details of its NuMark subsidiary’s foray into the fast growing business Tuesday. It’s the last of the nation’s major tobacco companies to market an electronic cigarette in an industrywide push to diversify beyond the traditional cigarette business, which has become tougher in the face of tax hikes,... Read More.

29 апреля, 2014

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29 апреля, 2014

Cvs to become first major us drugstore to drop cigarettes

On Wednesday, CVS Caremark Corp announced that its 7,600 stores would stop selling all tobacco products by October making the company the first U.S. drugstore chain to remove cigarettes from its shelves. Public health experts called the decision by the No. 2 U.S. drugstore chain a precedent setting step that could pressure other stores to follow suit. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT CVS, whose Caremark unit is a major pharmacy benefits manager for corporations and the government Medicare program, believes the decision will strengthen its position as a healthcare provider. «I think it will put... Read More.

29 апреля, 2014

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29 апреля, 2014

Le groupe seita ferme sa plus grande usine de cigarettes en france

Les usines de Carquefou, en Loire Atlantique, o sont fabriqu es les cigarettes des marques Gauloises Blondes et Gitanes Blondes, ainsi qu’un centre de recherche Bergerac (Dordogne) vont fermer, a confirm la direction de la Seita, propri t du groupe britannique Imperial Tobacco. Ces fermetures s’ chelonneront sur deux ans. Au total en France, 366 postes seront supprim s, alors qu’il en sera cr 130 en Pologne, a pr cis la direction lors d’un comit central extraordinaire (CCE) Paris, sans toutefois donner la date de la fermeture du site nantais. 12 000 TONNES DE CIGARETTES Le... Read More.

29 апреля, 2014

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29 апреля, 2014